Whether your commercial space is an office building, tenant space, or brick and mortar retail facility, taking care of your commercial space is of utmost importance. Maybe you are seeing cracks in the walls and ceilings, the exterior is in rough shape, or you simply feel it’s time for an upgrade. If you’ve experienced any of these signs, it might be time to consider a commercial renovation project.

As an experienced commercial contractor, we realize the growing need for functional and visual updates. Remodeling doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Optimizing the layout and functionality of your commercial space is an essential piece to increasing foot traffic and lowering overhead costs. Imagine a more comfortable and updated environment, increased property value and employee satisfaction, and even attract new tenants or customers. Sounds amazing, right?

If you’re thinking about taking the leap and remodeling your commercial space, there are four signs we believe signal that your space is in need of an upgrade. Keep reading to learn more, and contact Titus Contracting to get started on planning your commercial project.

1. Outdated Appearance

Just like with residential homes, the interior matters just as much as the exterior when it comes to commercial buildings. If your commercial space is looking a bit outdated, it could be losing you customers, or tenants, and could be a clear sign that it’s time to consider a renovation update. Updating your commercial space is an opportunity to match current design trends, while creating a more comfortable, inviting, and visually appealing facility for guests. 

We recommend sending a survey to employees or guests to gauge what improvements they would like to see. It is a great touchpoint to involve them to show your care, and their input can help determine if the updates are more cosmetic or if a complete design overhaul is needed.

The Vine Room – Commercial Remodel by Titus Contracting

2. Deterioration

On a more serious note, structural deterioration issues can lead to a more demanding commercial renovation project. Deterioration can be a major safety hazard, and could potentially lead to expensive repairs in the future if not handled appropriately. Keeping an ongoing list of what aspects of your spaces are starting to show their age can be helpful to stay on top of repairs and avoid a complete renovation. Our professional commercial contractor team can help you assess damage and develop a plan for repair and renovation.


3. More Space Needed

One of the more visible signs that it’s time to renovate is when you start to outgrow your current commercial space. A commercial renovation project can help you expand your current space, giving you the room you need to continue growing your business.

It is common for businesses to outgrow their space long before any of the other signs on this list come to light. Whether it’s office space, meeting space, retail display space, if you’re finding that you’re constantly cramped on space, a renovation could give you the room you need to continue being successful. 

4. Employee Productivity Issues

Did you know that a commercial renovation could directly impact your employees? 

By renovating your commercial space, you can create a more comfortable and productive work environment for your employees. Staff turnover rates – be gone! In addition, renovated commercial spaces often look more professional and up-to-date, which can give your business a boost in the eyes of visitors.

If you can’t figure out why your employees may be struggling with performance, it could very well be their environment. Paying attention to the guest experience is important as well, especially with the layout and design of your space.

Aloha Monkey – Commercial Renovation by Titus Contracting

When a commercial space is uninviting and uninspiring, it drives away potential customers and diminishes employee morale. But a commercial setting that’s pleasing to the eye can uplift the spirit. At Titus Contracting, our goal is to create comfortable workplaces that help you attract new business and new talent.

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