A commercial bathroom remodel is an involved process, but you can ensure it goes smoothly by preparing in advance. Keep these tips in mind before you truly begin a remodel. 

How Will You Accommodate Clients During the Renovation?

Even the absolute speediest renovations will take at least a few days to execute. Depending on the scale of your renovation, the entire bathroom may be inaccessible to guests during the process. It’s helpful to make a plan ahead of time on how to accommodate clients during this process. That way, you can also ensure staff know how to best answer questions. 

When planning, consider the following questions:

  • Is this the only bathroom on site? Can clients be directed to another bathroom?
  • If you have two bathrooms on site and both are half baths, can one be temporarily used as an all-gender bathroom?
  • If there will be no client bathrooms on site accessible during the renovation, where is the closest bathroom that staff can direct to?
  • Is there an additional staff bathroom that can be used for medical emergencies?

How Will You Ensure ADA Compliance?

Meeting ADA compliance guidelines is absolutely vital for any bathroom remodel. ADA requirements include:

  • Wheelchair-accessible stalls that are marked with proper signage and have a 60” diameter clearance inside, along with other size requirements. These stalls also must open outward and allow for specific clearances. 
  • Installation of grab bars in specific locations – if the facility is designed for use by children under 12 years of age, there are additional specifications for grab bar heights.
  • Toilet paper dispensers that meet size and placement requirements, and allow for continuous paper dispensal. 
  • Urinals of specified depth and hung at specified heights.
  • Mirrors are tilted for wheelchair users or other accessible height requirements.
  • Soap and towel dispensers mounted at specific heights and locations.

Before you tackle the remodel, it can be useful to evaluate your existing space to determine how you will ensure compliance. 

What Design and Configuration Options Exist?

Before you actually tackle a remodel, it’s useful to look at existing configurations in the wild to explore your options. Google, Pinterest and our gallery are all great places to start browsing photos of commercial bathrooms to get an idea of what possibilities exist.

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What Commercial Contractor Will You Work With?

Finally, the most important part of the preparation process is choosing the right commercial contract partner. Choosing a design-build contractor is the best of both worlds: an experienced interior designer who can optimize the space, and a quality team of builders who can bring it to life on time and on budget.

When comparing commercial contractors, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ask for references – A quality contractor should have no problem connecting you with past clients so you can inquire about their experience. You can explore some of our reviews on our main Commercial Remodeling page.
  • Check credentials and qualifications – Just because a contractor has experience in the residential market doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for commercial renovations or build outs. Look at their past projects to ensure they have commercial experience too.

A commercial bathroom remodel requires careful planning to ensure that your business operates uninterrupted. Choosing the right commercial contracting partner is vital for ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

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