Commercial Services

When a commercial space is uninviting and uninspiring, it drives away potential customers and diminishes employee morale. But a commercial setting that’s pleasing to the eye can uplift the spirit. At Titus Contracting, our goal is to create comfortable workplaces that help you attract new business and new talent.

Commercial Remodeling & Renovation

A commercial remodel or renovation through Titus Contracting can help you increase cash flow and decrease operating costs. Energy-efficient lighting and other upgrades in workplace functionality lower your overhead costs. Improved traffic to your business grows your profits. That’s a sound return on investment.

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Construction/Project Management

Titus Contracting is a full-service design/build firm, but sometimes our clients only need our building services. Even if your company already has renovation or addition plans drawn up, we would still jump at the opportunity to manage your project. Our builders can manifest your vision.

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Multi-Family / Apartment Remodeling & Additions

We love remodeling and building multi-family dwellings because they offer us that many more opportunities to create spaces that improve the quality of life of residents. It’s incredibly gratifying to know that families who live in apartments we’ve designed and remodeled feel so at home.

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Fitness Center Construction

Gone are the days of barren gyms that looked like unfinished basements. Nowadays, fitness enthusiasts want to work out in spaces that are well-designed and attractive. Titus Contracting can help fill your fitness center with color and light so your customers keep coming back for more.

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Interior Build Outs

It’s been said (too many times) that location is everything for a business, but that’s really only half the truth. Sometimes that perfect location is in a building whose interior needs to be built out so that it suits the needs of a company. Titus Contracting can help your business create an interior space that’s as prime as your new real estate.

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Retail Build Out / Tenant Build Out

Sadly, retailers often come and go in certain locations. What was a big-box store yesterday might be a grocery store today, which could become a furniture store tomorrow. Every one of those retailers has specific requirements for the interior of that building. We can design and build out those spaces so they feel tailor-made to each client.

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Retail Remodeling

Retailers have to change with the times or they risk going the way of Blockbuster and Toys R Us. Layouts, materials, and colors that brought people through the doors in the ’90s drive away customers today. If your store needs a fresh look, contact the Titus Contracting team for a consultation.

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Medical Office Build Outs

Medical offices have some unique requirements that many design/build firms aren’t capable of meeting. At Titus Contracting, we know how to design and build out medical spaces that maintain provider and patient safety alike and that put patients’ minds at ease. Our team is just what the doctor ordered.

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I have worked with many contractors through the years, without reservation, Titus Contracting stands well above the rest. They saw my vision and exceeded it.

- Jan S., June 2020

The communication during the entire project was outstanding and workers were professional, and accommodating to our concerns in undertaking a project like this during these COVID19 times.

- Mike K., October 2020

Scott Rajavuori and his team exceeded our expectations!  Great service through the project oversight, communication, and attention to detail, all while keeping the job on schedule.

- Heather L., June 2020

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