Residential Services

We’ve worked in the residential renovation business for decades, and we know that every client has their own unique vision for their home. Our job is to help our clients bring those images into the real world.

Our Design Process

1Let’s Get to Work

It isn’t easy to translate a client’s mental image into a physical space. Over the decades, we’ve discovered that the secret to getting it right is talking less and listening more. At Titus Contracting, we’ve created a design and construction process that puts healthy communication at the forefront. To see how that helps us manifest your vision, just follow us…

2Before Your First Meeting

After you’ve scheduled a consultation, visit our Preparing for Your Consultation page. Our downloadable questionnaire will guide you through the initial stages of the design process. It will give you food for thought about your project so you’re ready for your consultation.

3Your First Meeting

At your initial consultation, a Titus Contracting designer will discuss your needs, your wants, your budget, and your design vision. We’ll also take the dimensions of your space so we can get the look and the feel of your project just right.

4Project Development Agreement

Putting everything in writing ensures that we’re all on the same page about every aspect of your project. And we promise that there’s no fine print in your agreement.

5Design Stage

After we’ve signed an agreement, your designer will create conceptual floorplans, elevations, and 3D color perspectives. We’ll help you visualize your completed project so we can capture your vision perfectly. Then we’ll turn those concepts into official architectural drawings.

6Open House

Once your architectural plans are finalized, our subcontractors will visit your home to answer your project questions. They will thoroughly study your renovation or construction plans to address potential issues. Our seasoned craftsmen have a practiced eye, and their feedback is invaluable.

7Project Set-Up & Start

Next, we’ll collect final bids from our subcontractors. Meanwhile, you’ll select—with or without a Titus Contracting designer’s help—your finishes, including flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. The next step is to finalize your project scope, review your financial commitment, and sign your construction contract. After that, we’ll create a project work schedule and pull permits. Then we’re ready to begin your remodel.

8During your Project

From initial design to final walk-through, you can expect honest and open communication from your Titus Contracting team. We build lasting relationships with our clients because we complete our renovations on schedule and within budget. There’s a whole lot to love about our client-centered approach.


Kitchens are places where the scents of nostalgia take us back to our most joyous days— birthdays, Thanksgivings, Sunday dinners. A stylish and thoughtfully designed kitchen invites friends and families to bond around tasty food and tastier drinks. We love renovating kitchens for our clients because we know that we’re giving them so much more than elegant countertops, chic cabinets, and a striking backsplash. We’re offering them a space where they can connect with something eternal.

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If your bathrooms are sending outdated vibes, it might be time to call Titus Contracting to discuss your renovation options.

With the right materials, fixtures, and lighting, a bathroom can be transformed into a bright, relaxing, spa-like space.

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Sometimes you just need a little extra elbow room. Maybe your family is growing. Maybe your mother-in-law is moving in. Whatever the case, adding square footage to your home is usually less draining—physically and financially—than buying a new house. You can customize your add-on to meet your precise specifications. Just tell us what you need, and Titus Contracting will make it happen.

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The exterior of your home serves a dual purpose. Not only is it the layer of protection that safeguards your investment from the elements, but it’s the reflection of your unique style as a homeowner. At Titus Contracting, our expert designers, sales staff, and production teams will work directly with you to design, develop, and deliver a remarkable home exterior that looks and functions exactly as you envision.

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I have worked with many contractors through the years, without reservation, Titus Contracting stands well above the rest. They saw my vision and exceeded it.

- Jan S., June 2020

The communication during the entire project was outstanding and workers were professional, and accommodating to our concerns in undertaking a project like this during these COVID19 times.

- Mike K., October 2020

Scott Rajavuori and his team exceeded our expectations!  Great service through the project oversight, communication, and attention to detail, all while keeping the job on schedule.

- Heather L., June 2020

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