How would you like to be able to see your home remodeling project before it’s done? Good news! You can – With 3D visualization and rendering software, our team can help you feel confident in your design decisions prior to starting construction. 

3D renderings are a great way to visualize what your home will look like before you even start any remodeling. Mistake-free! Three-dimensional images can be used for anything from renovating one room like the kitchen or bathroom to a whole home and even your home’s exterior. These renderings also help contractors with accurate measurements and catching problems before construction begins.

3D visualization in home remodeling makes the renovation process easier, smoother, and more efficient for everyone involved in many ways, here are a few:

1. Visualize and Update the Design in Real-Time

As mentioned, 3D renderings help you visualize your space. What we love about the software we use for 3D visualization is how detailed it is. Chief Architect allows you to see how high things are, where they’re placed, and you can even do a “walk-through” of your new space to get a better feel of the layout. Whether it’s visualizing furniture, hardware, or lighting, 3D renderings help envision your dream space. Your designer will work with you in the design phase to make all adjustments in real-time until you get the perfect result for your preferences!

Visualize design details such as trash and recycling cabinet pull-out

2. Be Confident in Your Vision

Home renovations are a huge investment. If you have no home or interior background, it can be hard to visualize your space. 3D renderings bridge the gap between being able to visualize your space and becoming confident in the 3D design presented to you. Soon enough, you will feel ready and excited to move forward!

3. Save Time & Money

Titus Contracting’s mission is for you to leave frustration behind with our experienced design and construction teams committed to better communication, quality workmanship, on-time and on-budget. This applies to every aspect of the design process, including 3D design. When using 3D renderings, we work with you to get a feel for what your selected products will look like in your space. The 3D process can also help in the effort to control budget. Our team always goes into renovations giving you a clear idea of budget and cost estimations for your project.

We Can Help

We hope we answered some questions or concerns in regards to 3D renderings. If you have more, comment below or email our design team! We would love the opportunity to empower you with a stronger, more precise visualization of your space. 

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