When it comes to home additions, it can be tough to know what is all involved. How will an addition affect resale value? What are the building codes involved? Whether you’re thinking of adding on a second story, an extended living space or an in-law suite, all of these are questions to consider before starting a home addition. In this article, we’ll break down some of the most commonly asked starter questions in regards to additions that will be useful if you’re thinking about making a home addition in the near future.

Should I Add An Addition to My House?

No matter the style of addition, home additions are investments for homeowners. Like any home renovation project, you will either get to enjoy it for many years to come or it will be beneficial to your home resale value. Check out these four reasons why we believe an addition is sometimes a smarter solution than moving, and this post outlines how additions are guaranteed to increase the value of your home, no questions asked!

How Much Does a Home Addition Cost?

How much money an addition costs depends on the variables of your home and what you want. Though there isn’t a calculator that estimates what building an addition costs; the National Association of Realtors points out that building an addition to a house can cost as much as $90,000 to triple that depending on the size, complexity, materials, labor, and purpose of the room. In some cases, this could be as much as or more than the original cost of the home. For an accurate quote, contact Titus Contracting’s remodeling team to work with us on your addition project.

If you end up needing some financial help, there are some strategies we recommend, including a cash-out refinance, construction loans, home improvement loans and more.

What Are the Local Regulations and Permits Needed for a Home Addition?

First, understand local zoning laws. This entails confirming your property lines and researching local building regulations to determine whether and how you’re allowed to expand. Other logistical considerations may include neighbors’ wishes and the positioning of trees, power lines, utility poles and/or underground fuel and septic tanks. An experienced contractor can identify any red flags and help navigate challenges with regulations and permits.

Home Addition Project

How Long Will it Take to Complete a Home Addition?

How Long Will it Take to Complete a Home Addition?

Obviously, a simple bedroom addition will take less time to accomplish than a multi-room addition. In addition to the size of the addition, the style of the house, the materials involved, and the intricacies of building an addition that flows seamlessly into the existing home all influence the timeline as well.

The estimate we give our clients is to expect 3-4 months or more for an addition of 1,000 square feet. A smaller addition of 200-400 sq. ft. will take 2-4 months. This is just an estimate, of course, and the exact time will depend on the factors listed above.

Speaking of timeline, a project timeline is very important, especially when you may be sacrificing comfort by living in the home during the extended period of construction. Before beginning your project, our team will present you with a project schedule that lays out the intended time your project should take. Design choices and material selections will determine the length of the project. Construction is a time-consuming endeavor and you should expect an investment in time to be a part of this type of project, in addition to finances of course. Understanding the time commitment upfront will set up realistic expectations for you and your family.

Should I Live in or Move Out During a Home Addition?

Home addition construction can generally be performed with you living in the home for most of the time. However, this does carry some level of inconvenience. Discuss with your contractor the different options and decide if/when/how long you are willing to live in the home during construction.

Adding a home addition can be an exciting time for any homeowner and we hope these questions help you get through your project successfully. For more advice and tips on home additions, click here. Contact Titus Contracting today and our design-build team would love to help you achieve the best home addition for your Minneapolis-area house.

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