Hope to update your Twin Cities home this year? Explore our list of home design ideas for 2022 to gather inspiration and help find your style — and which interior design trends will stand the test of time.

Finding the balance between on-trend and timeless is tricky. And our design team always puts functionality first. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love keeping up with trends in the interior design world!

In fact, we love guiding our clients through their remodels — helping them discover which trends will stand the test of time, for a home they’ll love for years to come.

So today, we’re covering the top 2022 home renovation trends with staying power. Explore our list below.

Curved architectural elements

Drawing by Anna Gorres – Titus Contracting Designer

We started seeing more arched doorways and doors in 2021, and this home design trend continues to grow. From architectural elements like arched windows, curved mosaic shower niches, and barrel vaulted ceilings, curves are everywhere.

Even traditionally-geometric elements like cabinetry are getting softer edges, like the curved kitchen island and banquette seating we’re creating for a current project.

Why we love it: After a few years of global turmoil and uncertainty, we could all use a softer place to land. Curves are soothing. They also bring balance to a room’s geometric architecture, softening the harsh edges of walls, windows, and more.

Non-white kitchens

Titus Contracting Remodeling Project

A crisp, white kitchen will always be a classic. For years, it was also a leading trend. But today, homeowners are excited to bring a bit of color and warmth to their kitchens.

We’re seeing more requests for warm natural wood tones — white oak and walnut cabinetry are popular choices. We’re also seeing color — especially greens. Many paint companies chose a shade of green for their Color of the Year, and this hue is showing up in kitchens everywhere.

Why we love it: Shades of green bring serenity, coziness, and calm — something we could all use at home. Green also pairs beautifully with wood tones, black, copper, and brass accents, for an added bit of warmth in the kitchen.

Two-tone cabinetry

Another kitchen trend we’re seeing this year is two-tone kitchen cabinets — one color for the lowers and another on the upper cabinets. This is also called tuxedo cabinetry, as it’s often a darker color on the bottom, white on the top.

Often, the lower cabinets are dark blues or greens — even black. Lately, we’re also seeing tuxedo kitchens with wood cabinetry for the base cabinets, which brings a natural element to the room.

Why we love it: This approach allows homeowners to try out a bit of color in their kitchen without overpowering the room. Light and bright cabinets on top keep the room feel open and airy while the darker shade on the bottom grounds the space and adds some richness.

Biophilic design

Drawing by Anna Gorres – Titus Contracting Designer

Spending so much time at home, it’s becoming increasingly important for homeowners to feel connected to the world outside their walls. That’s why biophilic design — design connected to the natural world — is trending in 2022.

In a home’s architecture, this might look like:

  • Deeper window sills or wall-niches to display houseplants
  • Thoughtful window placement and selection to maximize natural light and views of the outdoors
  • Adding indoor/outdoor living spaces like porches and three-season rooms
  • Bringing in natural elements like stone, wood, handmade tiles, and colors found in nature

Biophilic design is about much more than houseplants. And while nature-focused interiors are certainly on-trend, they’re anything but trendy. Increased views and natural sunlight is a home design choice you’ll be sure to enjoy forever.

Why we love it: Your home’s architecture has the ability to drastically increase your connection to the outside world, which studies show can lower stress and bring feelings of calm. Not a bad perk for 2022.

Functional storage

With more time at home, and our spaces often fulfilling multiple functions, organization is key. That’s why functional storage and custom cabinetry is a huge home remodel trend this year.

Homeowners want less chaos and clutter in their home, which requires thoughtful, designated storage for technology, fitness gear, distance learning spaces, and food prep and storage. Clients want custom cabinetry and smarter storage options to keep things at hand, yet out of sight.

Why we love it: Visual clutter leads to a chaotic home. At Titus, we always put function first, so you can create a home that feels how you want it to feel. Functional storage has been a guiding principle of ours from the start, so we’re thrilled to see more homeowners prioritizing it in their 2022 renovation plans.

The biggest home renovation trend of 2022? Bringing on a team of professionals to help you find your unique style.

With the home improvement boom over the past couple of years, it feels like the stakes are higher when you tackle a home renovation. Many homeowners are choosing to partner with design-build experts instead of DIYing their spaces. Not only does this remove a lot of stress from the remodeling process, but it ensures you get the results you really want.

Partnering with renovation experts means you have access to materials and ideas that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It also means you have an advocate in your corner — someone who can handle any surprises or shifts and make them right.

An interior designer is an expert at taking advantage of every inch of your space to give you more than you thought was possible. They can also help you create a cohesive design plan for each space, and help you decide If remodeling in phases is the best approach to stretch your budget. Our team can help blend your old and new spaces for a cohesive look you’ll love long-term, or until you’re ready to tackle the next phase.

At Titus, our clients consistently tell us how much they appreciate our attention to detail and the time we take to truly listen to their current frustrations and future goals for their dream home. We take pride in delivering results that exceed expectations and making the process as smooth as possible.

Even more important than trends? Style.

Trends are what is currently popular, and what we as designers are seeing as common themes in our clients’ requests. But in your finished project, we aim to capture your style.

Style is timeless, and one hundred percent you. We’re here to help you find yours and implement it with ease.

Considering a home update this year?

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