With some careful planning and the right contractor in your corner, it’s actually a great time to upgrade your spaces. Here’s what you need to know to plan a successful renovation in 2022.

Home remodels today look different than in years past. That’s where the right planning and team come into play — to navigate the decisions into the design to place you at ease and start today. 

Our design-build team has navigated hundreds of projects over decades in the industry — including dozens of Twin Cities home renovations in the past year and a half. And while we’ve not been immune to the pandemic’s supply chain uncertainty, we’ve adjusted our approach to minimize delays and provide streamlined renovations for our clients.

Here’s what we’ve learned — and what you can expect — from remodeling this year.

1.   Careful planning before you begin demolition is more important than ever

On design shows, it seems like a home renovation begins the minute the sledgehammer hits the drywall. But the reality is, there are months of planning before demolition ever begins. Today, allowing plenty of time for the planning phase is more important than ever. Typically, we plan — at a minimum — 2 months before starting your project.

That’s because most mid-project delays and surprises can be avoided if your contractor takes the time to get organized in advance. A few years ago, contractors could order projects as needed, with the assumption they’d arrive in plenty of time for installation. But that renovation plan isn’t a safe bet these days.

So what does this mean for your remodel? We explain further below…

2.   A comprehensive design plan at the onset is the key to a successful remodel

At Titus, we’re more than just expert contracting. We have two, full-time interior designers that oversee each project plan to ensure a cohesive, beautiful end result.

Today, their expertise helps in other ways, too. With freight costs and manufacturing delays, occasionally product availability can shift during the sourcing stage. With a professional design team in place, these shifts — or “re-routes”, as our lead designer Steph Morris likes to call them — are quickly remedied without having to make design compromises.

With a deep catalogue of design and product knowledge — plus buying power with a loyal network of vendors — our team can track down an equal-or-better replacement to keep your design plans on track. We are always working for you.

3.   Your project start date is determined by material ETAs, not contractor availability

Even when all products are available, some materials and items like windows, roof trusses, and cabinetry have longer lead times than normal. This means, even if your contractor is available to start, you might see a longer wait time before your project actually begins.

The good news: No one wants to live in a construction zone ​too long.​ With our pre-planning work, plus in-house framers and carpenters, we can keep your renovation as streamlined as possible.

For example, if your project is a kitchen or bath we generate our start date based on the cabinet delivery date. So while you may wait a bit longer to start demolition, your renovation won’t drag out because items are stuck on a container ship. This keeps the actual construction process and timelines predictable and on schedule.

4.   2022 is a great time to renovate

Materials and labor costs rose dramatically in 2020, causing many homeowners to rethink their renovation plans. But we’ve also seen home values rise drastically — especially on updated homes.

Prospective buyers used to see “fixer-uppers” as a perk — loving the idea of a DIY adventure and the opportunity to make a house their own. But today, with home prices at the top of their budget, buyers aren’t as willing to pay for as-is properties.

In fact, according to Alexander Chingas of Coldwell Banker Realty in Connecticut, the price gap between dated vs move-in-ready homes continues to widen. “We have definitely noticed a trend which favors properties that provide instant gratification,” he explains. “Recently built homes or those that have been remodeled to mirror the taste of today’s buyers are getting the most offers and selling the fastest.”

So if you’ve got plans to sell anytime soon, a remodel this year might be a smart investment.

No plans to sell? There are still key benefits of renovating in 2022. The industry boom has forced everyone to slow down a bit in the planning phase. This gives you more time to focus on your project goals and make design decisions you’ll be sure to love for years to come.

5.   A unified contracting and design team ensures a smooth renovation process from start to finish

The bottom line? Professional project management is the key to a successful renovation today.

Michael Mahal, architect, and owner of MDG, a luxury design-build firm in New York says, “It’s important to find the right people. Sourcing and materials are a bit of a challenge these days, so you need more of an expert than usual.”

Subcontractors, suppliers, and trades are all busy — and many understaffed — which requires careful project management to keep your project on track.

How our system keeps every home renovation transparent and streamlined — and why our clients love it

Clear communication is key in any renovation. With so many steps, materials, and people involved, this takes thoughtful systems and impeccable organization.

At Titus, we use Buildertrend project management software to keep everyone in the loop at every stage of the project.

How does this keep your renovation on track?

  • You can see your project schedule at any time, so you’re always in the loop.
  • You can approve materials and fixtures directly on the app, cutting down on extra in-person meetings and back-and-forth emails.
  • Our team then orders your selections ASAP, which cuts down on unexpected “re-routes” or pivots.
  • Everyone on our team has access to the same information, adding layers of accountability to each step of the process.
  • Vendors can review the scope of work or material selections. This keeps communication and scheduling efficient.

Our processes, and our commitment to excellence, are what prompt clients to leave reviews like this:

“The communication during the entire project was outstanding and workers were professional, and accommodating to our concerns in undertaking a project like this during these times.”

— Mike K.

Get expert contracting and design guidance to ensure a smooth Minneapolis home renovation

At Titus Contracting in Burnsville, MN, we have a seasoned, unified team of expert designers, contractors, project managers, and on-site construction supervisors. Not only does this remove much of the stress of home renovations, but it ensures your project is in capable hands every step of the way.

With a loyal network of skilled, vetted subcontractors, our entire team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering a renovation experience that’s as enjoyable as the final result.

If you’re considering a home upgrade this year, contact the Twin Cities renovation experts at Titus Contracting today to learn more. 952-746-7817