“New year, new me” is the mantra for many who use the change in the calendar to double down on self-improvement. But for commercial spaces, the new year can bring new renovations and new ways of attracting customers. From restaurants to retail stores, here are 20 of the top commercial renovation trends for 2020.

General commercial remodeling trends

  1. Hybrid concepts — Hybrid spaces are becoming more popular than ever with companies like Capital One embracing new concepts that offer financial services in a café-like environment.
  2. Reinventing big-box spaces — The overall decline in retail sales has caused many major big-box retailers to abandon their large retail spaces. This has created an opening for inventive renovations and build-outs of these spaces, including seasonal haunted houses, entertainment businesses like laser tag arenas, trampoline parks and other pop-up concepts.
  3. Designing for experiences — Retail outlets, in particular, are increasingly dedicating space for interactive displays that enhance the shopping experience and reinforce the company brand in a way that only brick-and-mortar can deliver.
  4. Energy efficiency — Although not exactly a new trend, the green wave will continue in 2020 as commercial remodeling projects prioritize smart, energy-efficient systems and materials.
  5. Lighting designs — More businesses are moving away from standard fluorescent tube lighting, opting instead for more comfortable and natural lighting designs.
  6. Nicer bathrooms — In 2020, bathroom design can no longer be an afterthought. No matter how clean your restaurant is or how tidy your retail floor, a dingy, outdated bathroom can compromise your whole brand identity. That’s why more businesses are investing in modern bathrooms that make customers feel more comfortable.
  7. Gender-neutral bathrooms — Although inclusive bathroom spaces have been around for a long time, they’re gaining in popularity as businesses try to be more accommodating to customers.
  8. Improved employee spaces — Businesses have put a renewed emphasis on improving employee-centered spaces and amenities, particularly in industries where it can be difficult to attract and retain workers.
  9. Climate-proof renovations — In flood zones and other problematic locations, remodeling projects are increasingly focused on mitigating the impacts of adverse weather events.
  10. Flexible workspaces — As more employees become untethered from their desks, businesses are increasingly remodeling office space to create flexible, open-concept spaces that are comfortable and inviting.

Restaurant remodeling trends

  1. More green space — From indoor herb gardens to living walls to potted plants on rooftops and patios, restaurants are literally “going green” to convey fresh ingredients and make environments more welcoming to customers.
  2. Separate spaces — With delivery and takeout accounting for an increasingly large portion of restaurant sales, many counter-service concepts are designing spaces with separate pick-up lines and dedicated waiting areas to reduce congestion in the front of stores.
  3. Rooftop dining — In cities across the U.S., restaurants, and cafes are increasingly building up, not out, choosing to add rooftop dining spaces as opposed to sidewalk-level patios.
  4. Natural materials — Restaurants, in particular, are using more wood elements in their interior designs to give spaces a more natural feel.
  5. Communal dining spaces — Communal dining has been growing in popularity for several years, and 2020 looks to be no different, with restaurants renovating spaces to feature large, shared tables, rather than two-tops or four-tops.

Grocery store renovation trends

  1. Places for partners — Grocery stores and other retailers are remodeling stores to accommodate partner businesses like Instacart and other delivery and “buy online, pickup in-store” services.
  2. Curbside pickup — Larger retailers are remodeling the outsides of stores to create drive-up lanes or parking spaces so the retailers can provide curbside pickup services.
  3. In-store dining — In the early days of department stores, restaurants and dining spaces were a mainstay. But the concept is gaining renewed popularity in 2020 with retailers and even grocery stores increasingly adding dine-in spaces during renovations.
  4. Alternative checkout options — The use of self-checkout stations and even checkout-free shopping (such as the much talked about Amazon Go store) are expected to become more frequent in 2020 remodeling designs.
  5. Smart technology — From smart shelves to augmented reality displays, businesses are designing renovations to highlight innovations and take full advantage of the latest technology.

Whether you want to use a remodel to accommodate additional service offerings or just to update your look and feel, commercial renovations can completely transform a business, both physically and financially. If your New Year’s resolutions include a new commercial renovation, contact the remodeling experts at Titus Contracting by calling 952-746-7817.