Through one (or possibly several) remodels and renovations, some buildings can change dramatically from their original look. The next time you’re in an office, a hotel, or a community building and you see a fitness center, ask yourself, “Was there always a fitness center here?” The answer might be no.

In the case of one of our projects, a casual dining area with solid walls and a drop-ceiling underwent an enormous change, turning into a modern-looking fitness center with new lighting, higher ceilings, exposed piping, new carpet and glass windows in place of the solid wall on one side of the room. Check these before and after photos out to get a sense of how big this change really was.

We Mean Fitness  

This type of project is called Fitness Center Construction, and can be completed by either remodeling an existing space or by adding on more space to your building or facility. If you want to add a fitness center for your employees, club members, visitors, or anyone else, be sure to contact us at 952-746-7817.