A business in the Twin Cities region wanted to transform their pool area, leaving behind a black-and-white striped zebra look to upgrade to something with a more modern feel.

They came to Titus Contracting and described their idea. We brought it into reality.

We knocked out an entire section of the wall (on the right side of the picture), adding a staircase and sitting area. The walls were redone in stucco, and new tile was placed on the floor and a few feet up the wall. New lighting was also added to the pool area. The end result is a pool that looks brand new. By remodeling its surroundings, we made the pool look better, even though it was left largely alone.

Do you have a swimming pool area you’d like to have remodeled? Titus Contracting specializes in commercial remodeling and renovation, and this is just one project of many we’ve completed to meet our customer’s dreams.

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