We’re always busy at Titus Contracting. We love taking on new projects and updating commercial buildings around the Twin Cities.

Right now, we’re getting ready to get started on a great number of commercial remodeling projects. We work hard with our customers to design the perfect remodel for their needs. Let’s go over some of our more anticipated projects.

* Hotel Renovation

We love taking a hotel, where people go to relax, vacation, travel for work, or to meet up with family and friends, and making the building an exceptional experience for visitors. Our years of experience help us understand the functions of a hotel as well as the wear and tear that it can sustain. Rooms and shared spaces will be both functional, inviting, and serviceable for years to come.

* Office Build-Out

We have an office build-out scheduled in Minneapolis in the near future. An office build-out project usually happens shortly after a business acquires a new commercial space. Our clients are looking to transform their building into a functional place of work. We can create offices, conference rooms and more. Plans are laid out to utilize the space well, while still meeting all the clients’ needs.

* Boutique Remodel

We are looking forward to beginning a boutique remodel. As in any retail space, our clients want to upgrade the look and functionality of their current location. As opposed to an office build-out, clients usually want to open up their store. Large, open spaces work for retail because it makes it easier for customers to flow about the store easily.

* Apartment Building Room Remodels

Our team of Twin Cities remodelers will be working on two apartment building units. A client can request many different types of updates, when it comes to an apartment building. We often install new countertops, cabinets, flooring and more. Depending on the type of apartments, we sometimes update foyers and large gathering rooms.  We usually do uniform upgrades throughout buildings.

Are you looking to get on our list of upcoming commercial projects? Then give us a call today at 952-746-7817 or Contact Us Online.