Summer has been a busy season for Titus Contracting Inc! We’ve been all around the Twin Cities completing residential remodeling projects. As fun as the past few weeks have been, we’re always looking forward to our next project. We have a couple of remodeling projects coming up that we wanted to share with you. We are working to beautify the Twin Cities, one remodeling project at a time.

Bathroom Remodel
At Titus Contracting Inc, we understand how important it is to have a comfortable bathroom. Many clients call us because their bathrooms are outdated or not functional. If their bathroom is outdated, we work with them to design a more modern bathroom. They can choose new fixtures in a variety of colors and finishes. If their bathroom is not functional, we can help them redesign the layout of their bathroom, to a certain point, so things work better.

Kitchen Remodel
Kitchens are a very popular room to undergo a remodeling project. There are many aspects of a kitchen that can be updated or changed in a remodel. Many clients are looking to overhaul the entire kitchen. Sometimes, they want more room or an entire new look and feel. We can totally revamp the way a kitchen flows. New floors, cabinets, backsplashes and appliances are features we commonly replace in a kitchen.

New Video
We recently produced a seven-minute video on our remodeling process. If you take some time to watch it, you can see how the magic happens. You can observe what you’ll be able to expect when our team of Twin Cities remodeling professionals visits your home. The transformation is incredible. The before and after scenes really give an idea how dramatic a kitchen conversion can be.

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