Titus Contracting is the lead Commercial Project Manager for the Alter Logistics Commercial Remodel Project in St. Paul, MN.

Take a 3D Tour and see firsthand how the project site looks as we commence.

The Titus Contracting commercial remodeling team is currently working on a project in St Paul for Alter Logistics, a company specializing in shipping and receiving via barges, rail and trucking. Our team will be transforming one of their outdated buildings into a brand new space for their employees.

This commercial remodel will be a total overhaul; including all new plumbing, electrical and HVAC throughout the entire building. To run new waste lines for the plumbing, our team will need to saw cut through the floor, and a new RTU (rooftop unit) will be added to the updated heating system. We will remove all the old walls in the existing space and re-frame the space with new steel stud walls. The remodel will also include grinding down the floors and coating them with an epoxy coating, and adding a new ACT grid ceiling.

The Titus Contracting team will be adding brand new offices, bathrooms, and a conference room. We will also be creating a new locker room and separate break room for the Alter Logistics employees; including showers, new cabinetry, and lockers. Our commercial remodelers will also be cutting a concrete wall on the west side of the building to add in a new aluminum storefront door for easy access to their truck weigh scales.

Titus Contracting is excited to be working with Alter Logistics on the total overhaul of their building, helping to create a great new space for their employees. Take the “before” tour of the space and follow us for updates on this great new project!