top ways to Declutter Your Home this Spring

When it comes to our homes, most of us want to have a space that truly shows off who we are. However, clutter can often hide the most beautiful elements of our home’s design or decor. As it happens, cleaning up clutter isn’t always at the top of the list of things to do.

That’s why we thought we would honor all things home organization and spring cleaning, with easy tips to begin decluttering the home. We are experts in home renovation in Maple Grove and we take great looking homes seriously. Take a look at some of these expert tips to begin spring cleaning and reveal the most beautiful aspects of your home.

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Don’t hide your stunning kitchen backsplash behind a bunch of utensils or food storage containers any longer!

Simple Tips on How to Organized Your Home:

1. Recycle Old Magazines and Catalogs

Gather all the loose magazines and catalogs floating free around your home and stack them into a neat pile. Then, go through them one by one, setting aside issues you still want to read, and recycle the rest.

2. Declutter the Entryway

You know that one spot or table where you drop everything off as you come home? Give it a little TLC. Put any loose change, junk mail, or other items that may have ended up there in their right place.

3. Organize Your Food Storage

Open up your Tupperware drawer and pull everything out. Match up each container with its lid and toss any leftovers. Next, stack everything up neatly with matching partners located nearby so everything is easy to grab. If you find yourself wishing your kitchen cabinets themselves are easier to organize, it may be time to consider a kitchen renovation.

4. Relocate Those Utensils

The jar of utensils usually located by the stove can get cluttered easily and begin to hide some of the most beautiful aspects of the kitchen. Take everything out of the jar and move what you don’t use very often to a nearby drawer. Put the few utensils you do use frequently back in the jar and allow your backsplash and countertops to shine once again.

5. Inventory Your Bathroom & Laundry Supplies

Start by pulling all of the products out of your shower and place them on the sink. Recycle the empty bottles and move infrequently used items to a drawer or cabinet. Not enough cabinet storage space? This could be another sign you could use a home renovation! More cabinet space can help hide the clutter and make your bathroom look its best.

Next, check your laundry room for any empty bottles and place those in the recycling bin. Put any other items where they belong. Does your laundry room still look cluttered? Additional shelving, cabinetry or sink space could help. Look into home renovation options for these frequently used rooms to create a better looking, more efficient home.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to help declutter your home this spring! If you find during your spring cleaning you could use something more permanent, like a kitchen or bathroom remodel; give us a call at Titus Contracting!

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