The Titus Contracting team, especially within the last few years, has done a lot of fitness center construction. And why not? Fitness centers, gyms and other workout areas have become more popular as people seek to drop extra pounds and get healthy. It’s not just large gyms that are popping up: more businesses, hotels and apartment complexes are having fitness centers put in. It’s a great marketing strategy, and may make the difference between someone choosing your operation or the competition.

When it comes to fitness centers, we’ve noticed there are three big areas that are given much thought by clients. First, who’s the center for? Then, how much should be spent? Finally, what kind of equipment and additional amenities do you plan to offer?

Fitness centers have one thing in common: they are areas for exercising. However, keep in mind the audience you’re trying to attract with yours. Are people just going to pop in and out for a quick workout, or is it meant to be for more intensive exercises? Will users visit many times, or just a couple times before leaving the area?

Figuring out your audience will help you to determine how much you want/need to spend to make the area worth the investment. Are you going to charge fees for use, or will the area be offered as a luxury to your guests and tenants?

Equipment and amenities
What’s a fitness center without workout equipment? Is the center going to specialize in a special type of workout (i.e. yoga, pilates, etc.) or is it going to attract a more general type of audience? Will there be tanning, a sauna or spa? Each has different types of costs and amenities associated with it. Will there be a food and drink area, and if so, will they be vending machines or operated by staff?

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