How to Make the Right Color Choices for Your Bloomington, MN Business

So you are working with Titus Contracting on your commercial build out in Bloomington, and one of the decisions you have to make is about paint colors.

What colors will your new office or commercial space be? And what should you think about when making that decision? Here are a few suggestions for you.


A shade of green is a great way to calm people down and encourage creative thinking. Green brings the environment and nature to mind, so that can help soothe your employees and make them more creative.


If your commercial build-out is for a retail space, consider orange. Studies show that people associate the color orange with a good value. So if you want your customers to think of your brand when they think of good values, orange might be your best bet.


Blue is a sure bet when you are trying to come up with a color that will make everyone happy. It is a relaxing shade, and it is a favorite of many people out there. Try this shade if you want to encourage relaxation without sacrificing productivity.


Avoid red when you can during the commercial build-out process. Studies show that red has a powerful and somewhat negative effect on people. Red tends to make people’s reactions faster and more forceful, and this, in turn, can reduce a person’s ability for analytical thinking.


While yellow is seen as an uplifting and positive color, people seem to either love it or hate it. If you want to use it in your new space, confine it to one room, like the kitchen or bathroom.

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