Take a look around at your current office space. What do you want to change or update? As a company that specializes in office remodeling in Plymouth, we’ve helped many business owners with their office renovations. So here are a few ideas to help you get started as you are planning your new office.

No More Cubicles

When you open up your office space, it can encourage your employees to interact and socialize with each other more. And this means more business-related ideas can be discussed. A lack of cubicles can also help make your office appear bigger and can help to improve morale.

Encourage Exercise

If you have the space and your budget allows, consider adding a small exercise room to your office. If your budget is on the smaller side, you can buy a few pieces of exercise equipment and encourage your employees to work out before or after work. Physical exercise improves mental and physical health! And that could mean fewer sick days for your employees.

Quiet Time

If it’s possible and part of your office remodeling budget, you can set aside a small room for some quiet time as well. This can help encourage your employees to relax a bit, and this can also help encourage them to come up with some great ideas. Again, giving your employees a place to de-stress could also result in fewer sick days.

Think Color

The color of the walls that surround us can influence our mood. For example, red is energizing and blue is relaxing. Bright and bold colors on the walls can bring energy to your office and employees. And if you don’t want to paint an entire room red, you can have just one wall painted red and the other walls painted a more neutral shade, like white or off-white, during the office remodeling process.

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