Office remodeling Bloomington MN by Titus ContractingOffice Remodeling for Bloomington MN Commercial Properties

Titus Contracting specializes in commercial office remodeling in the Twin Cities and neighboring areas. We will gladly assist you with a wide variety of commercial renovations, so call us for all of your Bloomington, MN office build-outs.

Reasons to Consider Office Remodeling

1. Needing visual updates. While there are many reasons why a business may choose to remodel their offices, perhaps the most common is to update an out of date office space. An outdated office space does not present the best image of your company. As a business owner, you want your professional office to leave a lasting, positive impression on your clients and business associates.

2. Needing functional updates. Sometimes an office space no longer works for the needs of a business, which is another common factor behind the decision to remodel. Perhaps your business has grown, and your space needs to be reconfigured to accommodate additional employees. It could also be the case that certain space that was once used for one purpose (for example, warehouse space), is now needed for another (for example, additional offices). Most businesses also have the need for more, and better, storage solutions. The professionals at Titus Contracting can easily incorporate this into your remodel.

3. A Positive and Fun Office Space. Another reason to consider an office renovation is to create a more positive and productive work environment. It is critical to the success of your business to have a workspace where your employees can feel their best and produce their best work. High employee morale can produce great business results. A remodel can help your business create the ideal workplace for your valued employees. Our commercial project management team will work closely with your to generate the right office space and fee.

Many businesses these days are also considering an office remodel to attract, and retain the new incoming workforce. This newer generation of employees typically prefers open and collaborative workspaces versus enclosed offices. They are also technology driven and need to see that reflected in their work environment.

Benefits of Office Remodeling

* External Benefits

A fresh and updated office space can help your business put its best foot forward. Your office is often a client’s or business associate’s first impression of you and your business. You want the people who walk into your business to be wowed by your image, so you have the opportunity to continue to impress them with your services. Renovating your space to make it bright and welcoming can land those solid, positive first impressions.

By updating your offices, you are showing your commitment to growing your business and staying relevant for years to come. Remodeling is an investment in your business; and can help earn your business a solid reputation as one that is dedicated to staying around. Clients are more likely to do business with a company that cares about staying current and invests in itself; and it’s image.

* Internal Benefits

The internal benefits of an office remodel are numerous! By adding energy-efficient upgrades, such as LED lights, better insulation, and improved heating and cooling systems, your business can save money on day-to-day operating costs. Additionally, there are often rebates available from your local energy providers for making your office a “green” space.

Remodeling office space can improve the morale and productivity of your employees. Good lighting and proper workspaces can keep employees comfortable and productive all day long. Any added amenities, such as a fitness center or updated breakroom, can also add value to your employees by providing happier and more productive office spaces.

Adding additional storage through your remodel, or converting under-used space into something more functional, can help streamline your business. The added storage will not only help improve your business’ organization, but it can also help reduce clutter, and produce a cleaner-looking workspace.

Office Remodeling Process

If your business is considering a remodel, you may be wondering where to start. There are some important steps you should take before beginning your project.

* Project Goals

When it comes to business office remodeling, every project is unique to the individual business. As a business owner heading into the remodel process it is important to figure out what your goals are for your project. At Titus Contracting, we ask our clients to define their needs, wants, and wishes for their remodel. We define a need as something that is essential to the project. For example, your business might need more conference rooms for meetings, or more workspace for additional employees. A want is something your business would really like to include but isn’t a deal-breaker if it doesn’t fit in the budget. For example, security cameras throughout the building. A wish is something that would be nice to have since you’re remodeling anyhow, but would be the first to go when adjusting to meet your budget. For example, a full gourmet kitchen for your employees use, as well as potentially having a chef come in and cook for them.

* Budget/Cost

Once you know the goals of your project, it’s important to figure out your budget. Office remodeling costs will vary depending on the scope of work and finishes used. Experienced contractors, such as Titus Contracting, will be able to help you navigate the financial aspects of your project. In some cases, agreements or arrangements can be made with landlords to help with the cost of commercial office remodeling.

* Schedule and Impact

Another important factor to consider before starting an office remodel is the project schedule and the impact this may have on your business. As business owners ourselves, we understand the need to keep your business operations as normal as possible and with minimal disruption to your employees and clients. We will work with you to create a project schedule that will keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

You should also discuss with your commercial contractor your project deadline. If there is a need to be complete by a specific date, it is important for the planning and process of the project. Your contractor will need to ensure products and supplies are ordered with enough lead time, and that it is started early enough to include some contingency should any unexpected setbacks occur.

* Taking the Next Step-Design

Once you have considered your goals, budget, and schedule, the next step in working with Titus Contracting is entering into a design agreement. A design agreement is our roadmap to designing your project. It will contain a full scope of work, based on our discussions with you, as well as budgets for allowance items, such as flooring. This agreement will also allow us to produce drawings which will give our team the ability to provide an accurate bid.

The actual design is started by meeting with your Titus representative, one of our designers/architects, and whoever on your team might be involved in design decision making. We will take the scope of work and walk through your entire project to ensure our design team fully understands the expectations. After the completion of the meeting, we will come back with concepts based on our time shared together. We will also be providing you with vendors to visit, and various samples for you to make your finish selections from. We will fine-tune the concepts until we have exactly captured your construction goals.

Once the design and selections are complete, we will complete site visits with vendors and subcontractors to collect bids specific to the scope and design. Once those bids are received, we will provide final construction documents which include: the revised scope and the contractual agreement, along with permittable plans to be signed by the business owner, Titus Contracting, and the architect.

Office Remodeling Ideas and Trends

There are many great commercial office remodeling ideas for you to consider adding to your project. Here are some of the trends we at Titus Contracting have seen over the years:

* Open spaces:

Many businesses are choosing to create a more open floorplan, hoping to facilitate workflow. Open spaces can help improve communication and morale; making employees feel better connected and informed. Since modern technology has improved our ability to be more mobile, you may even choose to add a common space for people to work away from their desk.

* Integrated Technology:

Integrating technology in your office can be as easy as including furniture with built-in power adapters, or including interactive screens in conference rooms, many Millennial employees will expect it. The main idea behind it is people (employees, clients, or business associates) have more electronic devices and use technology more than ever in their daily lives.

* Excellent Lighting and Windows (for natural light):

Keeping an office space bright and cheery through good lighting is an easy way to keep the mood and productivity of your office elevated. LED lighting and double-paned windows can also help reduce energy usage and save your business money.

* Amenities:

To improve the day-to-day satisfaction of employees, some businesses choose to improve upon the amenities available to them. Whether this is a quiet/relaxation space where employees can destress for a bit or an improved breakroom for them to enjoy their lunch break, amenities can significantly boost morale. Some companies will even add a fitness center for their employees’ health and wellness.

* Storage:

There are many ways an office remodel can help improve your business’ storage situation. To start, there may currently be space that is not being utilized to its full potential. A good commercial contractor can help reconfigure your space to meet your needs. You can also add cabinetry and shelving in your renovation to keep things organized.

* Cosmetic Updates:

Cosmetic updates are those obvious aesthetic changes that update your space. These can include: new flooring, light fixtures, paint, carpeting, walls, doors, tile, carpeting, cabinetry, trim, and more.

Office Remodeling and Working with Titus Contracting

There are many excellent contractors in Minnesota, but Titus Contracting stands out as one of the best.

As a business owner, you know the importance of making the right decision when it comes to choosing a commercial contractor.

* Commercial Remodeling Communication

From the moment you reach out to the professionals at Titus Contracting, the difference will be clear. Our mission is to build life-long relationships with our clients, and we know the only way to do that is through open and frequent communication. We believe that by truly listening to our clients, we can gain a complete understanding of their vision for their project. Communicating openly and frequently, we can work together to complete an amazing transformation of your space, with minimal disruption.

In order to facilitate this open communication, we at Titus Contracting use a construction management program called Buildertrend. With Buildertrend, you the business owner can log into your portal and have instant access to project schedules, financial information, and any contact information you may need.

* Honest Provider

The hardworking contractors at Titus Contracting will always be honest and up-front about what needs to go into your project, and what is happening along the way. This starts immediately with the bidding process. We work with our trusted subcontractors to compile a thorough and complete bid that will include all your costs based on the agreed upon scope of work. We will work through this with you, adding, clarifying, or removing elements of the bid until the contract is signed.

Throughout the entire remodeling project process, we will remain honest and transparent about what is happening throughout your project, communicating things openly as we go along.

* Experienced Commercial Remodelers

The contractors at Titus Contracting are experienced professionals. Our commercial team has taken on countless office remodels, build-outs, building additions, retail remodels, and more. We have had the privilege to work with great companies such as Pepsi, Medtronic, Hyatt Regency offices, Papa Murphy’s, Windsor Gates Apartment Complex in Brooklyn Park, Country Inn and Suites, Mears Park offices, and many more.

Got an Out-dated Office?Got an Out-dated Twin Cities Office?

A 1980s sort, filled with cubicles that hide your crew from the clients they serve? Open that office up and put in some additions that will raise the enthusiasm level of your employees to staggering heights. Get started on an office remodeling for your St Paul area locations by calling on Titus Contracting. Update your space, reinvigorate your workers and dazzle your customers with an office remodel!

We will get your new office space set up for you—staying both on time and on budget throughout the whole process. If you are looking for a complete revamp or a few touches in the form of new cabinets, countertops, doors, entryways, flooring, lighting fixtures, painting, trim, or wallpaper—Titus Contracting can bring that to life for your business within mere months! Whether you are a medical office, a fitness center, or any other business, we custom tailor office to be a perfect fit.

We possess more than 35 years of experience assisting businesses with their office remodeling projects and provide a Minnesota Contractor’s Workmanship Guarantee. Give us a ring to set up a time to come to your business property and line up your office remodeling project. We gladly supply free estimates!

Uninterruptive Office remodeling

As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is that your office remodeling project does not disturb the daily functionality of your company. We also know that it is paramount that your office looks as good as it possibly could—a first impression can make or break a deal, after all! Your new office will help bring in new clients and make sure you have a more pleasant atmosphere for your workers to conduct business in.

Not many businesses can afford to shut their doors and allow for the loss of business while a full-blown office remodeling is being conducted. It is absolutely necessary to hire an experienced construction project management company to keep your business running. When Titus Contracting runs your office remodeling project, rest assured you will get high-quality work with minimal disruption.

Our office remodeling teams work efficiently, never sacrificing quality. Throughout the entire office remodeling process, you will be kept fully informed of all aspects of the status of the project, and can always call us any time there are questions or concerns.

Bloomington Office Remodeling and More

We would love the opportunity to hear about your vision for your office remodel, and to hopefully earn your business. We take great pride in the work do and believe together, we can transform your office into a space that grows your business and attracts (and keeps) great employees and clients.

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