If you have ever wondered what one of our commercial remodeling projects is like from start to finish, you should check out our new Videos page.

It features several different videos about our partnership with ALL Inc. and Sub Zero/Wolf.

Several months ago, Titus Contracting was asked to help build one of the largest living kitchen displays of Sub Zero and Wolf appliances for ALL Inc. in St Paul. We put a lot of time and effort into creating a beautiful showroom where customers can try out these appliances before they buy them.

The videos on our new page talk about the entire commercial remodeling process from start to finish. We cover how we started our partnership with Sub Zero and Wolf, then go into more detail about the work we did and how everything came together.

The videos are separated into categories: Partnering, Concept & Goals, Design & Process, and Construction. You can then choose a specific video to learn more about that particular part of the commercial remodeling process.

One of the more interesting things you can learn about is our process. We use the same process on just about every commercial remodeling project we do. We start by reviewing our client’s goals, desires, and dreams. Most importantly, we focus on what our client needs out of their new commercial space and how we can make that happen. Our highest priorities throughout the project are driven by those needs. From there, based on the scope of the project, we can scale things up or down, factoring in as many needs and wants as possible. We always do our best to make sure the end result is as functional and close to our client’s vision as possible.

At Titus Contracting, we want to be sure we have a solid understanding of all of our clients’ needs and desires for their project. We strive to get a genuine feel for what they would like to accomplish and work our hardest to reach or exceed those goals.

When you are ready start on a commercial remodeling project of your own, give us a call! We can answer your questions, as well as set up a time to meet to start going over your project and what it entails. Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate on our commercial remodeling services.