When you only have one month to convert an old warehouse into a classroom to help a local school expand for an influx of new students, you have to work quickly and be sure of what you’re doing. Titus Contracting has been working on this school-expansion project since December 16, and we only have until January 15 to finish it so the school is ready to accommodate its 90 new students.


The build-out includes new framed out classroom steel studs:



We also installed new sheet rocking:


We cut out two new exterior windows to help brighten up the space:



We also installed steel door frames with solid wood doors, plus we added a new roof-top heating and air-conditioning unit, new lighting and a new electrical system and new ceiling as well! To say we’ve been busy this holiday season is an understatement, but this has been a fun and interesting project for us so far! Plus, since it was the holidays, it was nice to give back to the community again and feel like we are contributing something positive to the lives of the students and the teachers at this school.


So, as you can see, we still have a good bit of work ahead of us, but we are right on target to complete this job by mid-January so students will have a new area in which to learn and grow. Titus Contracting is just happy to help them and the rest of the community with remodeling and build-outs like this one!

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