Titus Contracting has successfully completed many Minneapolis and St Paul remodeling bathroom projects that make everyday life so much better for the homeowners.

There’s never a boring day here at Titus Contracting. This St Paul bathroom remodeling project is just a glimpse into what we’ve been working on lately. This project comes complete with new tile work, vanity, and countertops. These St Paul homeowners went through our entire design process and, in the end, got an updated bathroom with modern amenities. It’s stylish, practical and definitely an upgrade! In this blog, we’ll cover some of the details of the remodeling project.

Tiled Bathroom RemodelingMaster bath remodel features new tile

Tiling work in bathroom remodeling projects has become more and more popular in St Paul. Whether you just incorporate tile into a simple backsplash or decide to tile the whole bathroom, it has the potential to completely transform the room. There are many options for tile that will end in a beautiful design.

In this particular bathroom remodeling project in St Paul, the family added tile throughout the entire bathroom, including the shower. The beige tile used in the bathroom remodeling project accents the existing home’s decor, making it a beautiful addition.

Focus on Storage and Functionality during Bathroom RemodelRemodeled bath by Titus Contracting includes linen area with towel hook

The added linen area and hooks are loved by this homeowner.

From beautiful new wood cabinets to fun new storage niches in the combination shower and tub, this bathroom is the epitome of style and function. A pocket door or a frosted-glass panel can transform your master bath into a perfectly shareable space for both the homeowners and their guests. The door’s glass insert allows for both privacy and light between the spaces.

One current trend in bathroom remodels is to add a two-bowl functionality. It makes getting ready for the day much easier when sharing the space.

St Paul Bathroom Remodel with Upgraded Vanities & Countertops

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom vanity and the countertops, you have a lot of options. We have to work within the space that is provided, but there are endless options for countertop materials and colors. From there, you can also pick a cabinet material and color to complement the countertops.

This St Paul bathroom remodeling project incorporated a light-colored vanity and cabinet combination. The countertops are also beige, which ties in with the tiles throughout the room. The completed look is polished and light.

Are you looking to dive into a bathroom remodeling project in the St Paul area? Simple bathroom upgrades can make a big difference.

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