Trends to watch in 2018 multi-housing remodeling to help you acquire new renters.

Staying on top of the latest multi-housing remodeling trends is an important part of running your tenant buildings. As multi housing remodeling experts in Woodbury, we have put together a rundown of the top trends in multi-housing remodeling to watch in 2018.

Easy, Urban Lifestyle

Those who are renters by choice, mostly in their 30s, want high-service, high-amenity living. According to Building Design & Construction Magazine, young urban socials, aka Millennials, will trade space for location and want to live near like-minded people. They also want a low-maintenance, urban experience, enhanced by amenities and technology, that create a communal live-work-play lifestyle.

Some renovations that could accommodate this live-work-play lifestyle include on-site gyms, common areas, easy, efficient laundry, cafes and more. “As apartments are shrinking, common areas are expanding and are being designed to meet the needs of tenants who want to gather socially or do work there.” With today’s health-consciousness, having an on-site fitness center is an attractive amenity to a lot of prospective renters. Titus Contracting has constructed plenty of fitness centers throughout the years, so we can help add one to your building, along with any other amenities you need to enhance the appeal of your property.

Some amenities to consider for your multi-housing remodeling project include:

When observing the trends to watch in 2018 multi-housing remodeling, begin with this list.

  • Bike storage
  • Spa
  • Wine cellar
  • Cafe
  • Wellness center
  • and more

These are just a few of the multi housing remodeling opportunities the experts at Titus Construction can help you with! Contact us today and we can meet with you to discuss the multi housing remodeling projects that will work best for your unique building.

Life of Luxury

According to Building Design & Construction Magazine “Many renters may aspire to live in or close to downtown, but that lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. A significant percentage of prospective renters are in a financially fragile state, and their housing options are narrowing as more and more developers and investors slavishly pursue deep-pocket customers.” This means, multi-housing remodeling that evokes the appearance of luxury will be a major player in the years to come.

Renters want to feel they are living in luxury without the high price tag. Through multi-housing remodeling you can achieve the luxurious appearance coveted by today’s renters and bring more tenants in; filling your units. Make smart decisions with your materials and finishes, choosing ones with high aesthetic impact for a more elegant and attractive look to your units.

Not sure where to begin? The multi-housing remodeling experts at Titus Contracting can help! We know just what tenants are looking for in your area and work with you to design updates with the ultimate impact.

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