Many college dormitories, as well as some apartment complexes, have what is called a “Rec Room.”

This room, usually placed in a central location to the building or complex’s other rooms or apartments, can contain billiards tables, ping pong tables, foosball tables and other types of games. A previous project we at Titus Contracting worked on was to take an older, beat up apartment rec room and transform it into a room people would want to hang out and have fun in. Here is the room we started out with.

Transfroming a Rec RoomAfter rec room renovation by Titus Contracting

Formerly, the wood paneling makes the room look a bit older and sucks the fun vibe out of it. The carpet is dark and boring. A good bit of the ceiling and wiring is exposed, which gives the room a grungy feel. Definitely not the inviting nature you’d like your rec room to have. After consulting our design experts, mapping out a plan, and finally completing the work, here’s our finished product.

Lake Calhoun apartments colorful rec room renovation

Big difference! The walls have been completely re-done — no more wood paneling. The carpet has been replaced by brown and white tile, with a few reddish-pink tiles thrown in to make it a little fun. Tables and chairs have been added so people can hang out when they aren’t playing ping pong or foosball on the game tables. The ceiling is also covered, and the room was expanded out past the previous door and wall to make it larger. All in all, a successful remodel, as the gloomy, ragged rec room of the past is now a more modern-looking room with more inviting features.

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