If your home features half baths (otherwise known as “powder rooms”) you may not have put much thought into decorating them. After all, the sink-and-toilet spaces tend by nature to be tiny, compact and less noticeable than their full-bath equivalents.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into little havens of self-expression. Because they’re relatively self-contained, you can have fun transforming them with décor and furnishings that don’t necessarily match the rest of your home.

“Since half baths are often located in hallways or other standalone spaces in the home, their design can often be freer, with more opportunities to add personality and eclectic style,” notes Sean McEvoy on HGTV.com. “Bold pops of color, contrasting textures and patterns for wallpaper and tiles, and fixtures and furniture that express their own distinct style are common features.”

Here are some décor ideas for your tiny-but-useful powder rooms.

  • Plan your room around a dramatic mirror or piece of wall art, hanging it in the room’s most visible spot then choosing a color scheme that draws attention to it. Another option: Creating a focal point with a gallery of mirrors or complementary artworks.
  • Spotlight the room with your favorite color, even if it’s an unusual or bold hue. Paint all or some walls in the shade, or leave walls and fixtures white then use flooring, window coverings, tile and/or décor items to make your color statement.
  • Go all white, but choose multiple different textures in your wall, flooring and cabinetry surfaces.
  • Go vintage, perhaps converting a beautiful old dresser or cabinet into a vanity then installing a retro-style apron sink. Add antique metal light fixtures and hang black and white ancestors’ photos or a (hardy) family heirloom as artwork. Another option: choosing groovy mid-century décor.
  • Make the room an ode to your alma mater by applying your college’s color scheme and shopping for fitting rah-rah décor.
  • The variety of bathroom sinks now available is mind-boggling. Create a focal point by installing the most beautiful design you can find, choose a vanity or support shelf that shows it off, then fill out your décor with complementary colors and textures.
  • Mull your many wallpaper and mural choices. You may be amazed at the range of designs now available, ranging from whimsical to elegant to photo-quality realistic.
  • Replace your standard window with a gorgeous stained glass version, then decorate around its color scheme.
  • Optimize lighting according to the mood you wish to create. For example, wall sconces can create a dramatic ambiance, while recessed lighting is more minimalist. Asymmetrical lighting can be especially visually interesting.
  • Install shiplap or other decorative panels halfway up your walls to add a sense of richness and luxury.
  • Strategically use shelving and wall space to showcase a collection of small antiques, collectibles or souvenirs from various travel destinations.
  • Install a gorgeous tile in a color, shape and texture that appeals to you, installing it on floors, your backsplash and perhaps part of your walls as well. These days, you can find most any tile flooring design imaginable.

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