Titus Contracting offers commercial remodeling and renovations services, and can perform what is called retail remodeling.

But what is retail remodeling, exactly?

We’ll describe this using a real-world example. In the Colorado Springs region of Colorado, an old Albertsons grocery store site, which has been abandoned since 2001, will be taken over by Wal-Mart and turned into a Wal-Mart Market grocery store. It is likely that Wal-Mart will have to make some changes to the inside of the building, to meet demands for its Market floor plan, to ensure the building meets required codes, and to bring the building up to date with Wal-Mart Market’s look. In order to achieve this, heavy retail remodeling will take place inside the building.

This is just one example of retail remodeling. The process can be much more simple, like when some light renovations are made to a retail store to change lighting, signage and other elements of the interior. Titus Contracting, which serves the Twin Cities region of Minnesota, can help you with any of your retail remodeling needs. Call 952-746-7817 or click here to request an estimate.

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