ALL, Inc.’s Living Kitchen: Project Completion Announcement

This showroom presenting stylish, contemporary kitchen appliances, cabinets and countertops is ready for an open house.

We here at Titus Contracting are happy to announce that we are finished with the renovations we did for ALL, Inc.! Let our friendly and knowledgeable remodeling experts help guide you in selecting the right choices for your upcoming remodel plans.

The end results are an 1800-square-foot refrigerator room and a 2000-square-foot “living kitchen” area. This living kitchen is a showroom for Sub-Zero and Wolf products and is connected to the main area of ALL, Inc.’s showroom. This interactive display allows customers to come in and get a hands-on experience with these products before they buy them.

There are now 14 different display areas within this completed area. Among other improvements and renovations, we installed new millwork, tops, and cabinets, plus we did the painting, finishing touches, ceiling grids, tiles and more. The space also got updated HVAC and electric equipment.


We stayed ahead of schedule throughout this large project! We are so happy and pleased with the end results! Now ALL, Inc.’s customers will be able to come down to their showroom and see all of their Sub-Zero and Wolf products in action, plus get all of their questions answered about these products.

This is also the largest Sub-Zero and Wolf living kitchen display in the entire state of Minnesota. The first step was to build the new fridge room to allow the future “living kitchen” space to be cleared and open for construction. We built new walls, remodeled a bath to make it ADA compliant, added LED (highly efficient) track lighting to accent the appliances in the space and painted the ceilings with black drywall paint to give it the “cool” warehouse feeling. We then moved into the future “living kitchen” space to complete the commercial remodel there. This included walls, all-new electrical service dedicated to the space, new rooftop – heating/ cooling- unit, specialty lighting throughout, tile floor, cabinets, countertops, millwork, and painting.  Every aspect was completed by our incredible construction team.

Project Update: ALL, Inc.’s Living Kitchen

We were happy to take on this project and to work with the team at ALL, Inc. We are proud to have our work help showcase the fine craftsmanship within the “living kitchen” and among ALL, Inc.’s showroom and look forward to seeing customers interacting with the appliances and other products.

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