A multi-family residential unit, sometimes called a MDU, is a building that contains several housing units for multiple families.

A multi-family remodeling project is a renovation or complete overhaul performed on an MDU. Such buildings include apartments, condominiums, senior housing, and other types of dwellings.

Typically, multi-family remodeling projects are a challenge, both for the owner of the building as well as the contractor who wins the bid for the project. First off, there is usually a short amount of time between the bidding process, when the bid is awarded and when the project starts. The project normally needs to be done quickly, as well. There are also logistical concerns, such as working with other contractors or needing to perform work in units that are occupied by tenants. Many contracting companies can’t handle such projects, but not Titus.

Titus Contracting has a great deal of experiencing handling multi-family remodeling projects in and around the Twin Cities region. If you want quality remodeling jobs with accurate budgets and completion timelines, schedule a consultation today.