Windsor Gates Apartment Complex in Brooklyn Park Gains a Stunning Party Room

We would like to share another recent KMS Management project. Apartment complex tenants love a special place to relax or enjoy time with family or friends.

For this commercial renovation, we’ve been working on many great, new updates to upgrade their apartment complex. This project includes completing a new party room and remodeled rental office area. This Brooklyn Park office remodel provides dwellers with a large indoor pool, fun outdoor pool, and a picnic area with grills. They gained many benefits from our commercial remodel to go along with their brand NEW beautiful party room that is ideal for hosting get-togethers.

With the codes related to pools changing, many multi-family companies are downsizing to just one pool at their facilities. This was the case for Windsor Gates. The pool had not been used for a few years, leading the company to consider a major remodel of the area to convert it into usable space. We filled the pool and concrete was poured over it, creating 3,400 square feet of open space. We’re now remodeling this space to create their new party room and rental office area. This update also includes major HVAC upgrades, featuring two new RTU (rooftop units) fed down through the roof and spread through the open ceiling concept with spiral ductwork.

How to Divide Spaces for a Party Room and Office

The Titus commercial remodeling crew will be framing and adding drywall to create new walls to divide the space into the party room and offices. Both the party room and future offices will require all new electrical, including new pendant lights can add needed light throughout the space.

The hallways will feature sconce lights. We will also be creating new men’s and women’s bathrooms for these spaces. This will include all new tile and plumbing.

For the exterior portion of the remodel, we have cut through the brick facade to create four new 5 foot by 5-foot windows, to add plenty of natural light to the new interior space. To comply with city and state codes and to ensure the usability of this new space for all, we added a new 80 foot long ADA ramp. The ramp features fully code-compliant railings, addressing the client’s concerns about making this space accessible to those with disabilities.

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