Great Communication with a Building Contractor Makes or Breaks a Project

Titus Contracting strives to remove any possible relational barriers so that we can complete our commercial projects successfully.

Physical barriers help us do our commercial remodeling work safely, but relationally, there are no barriers. We make it easy for you to communicate your wishes, ideas, and questions at any time.

So you have hired Titus Contracting as your commercial building contractor in Bloomington. What are some ways you can help keep us in the loop about your wants, needs, and expectations while we are tackling your commercial remodeling project? Here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

Be Up Front about Your Commercial Remodeling Budget

When you first contact us about hiring us as your commercial building contractor, we will discuss your budget and your expectations. We will ask in-depth questions about your budget and what you want. But if those expectations or needs change during your renovation project, or if you are concerned about some aspect of your budget, you should let us know as soon as possible after those concerns arise. We want to be on the same page as you when it comes to your budget!

* Be Up Front about Your Timeline

* Be Up Front about Your Remodeling Project Expectations

If someone expects us to have a huge commercial remodeling project done in two days, we will not be able to meet that expectation, of course. But if you have certain expectations about your timeline or any other aspect of your commercial remodeling project, let us know that as well. We understand that expectations can and do change as the project continues, so we always want to know if your expectations have changed and if we, as your commercial building contractor, are living up to those expectations.

* Be Up Front about What You Want for your Commercial Building

As your commercial building contractor, we will go over every detail of your project and scope of work before we begin working on your project. But if your wants or needs change, again, you should let us know so we can adjust things on our end, if possible. We want to make sure the renovations we do are exactly what you want. But please be aware that once the work has started, we usually cannot go back and change things without readjusting the time frame and budget of the project.

Are you interested in learning more about hiring us as your commercial building contractor in Bloomington? Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817 or contact us to Schedule a Consultation.