The best of commercial remodeling advice from Titus Contracting.

Is your commercial property terrifying to look at? Do your customers and clients scream in fear when they approach? Then it may be time to get a commercial remodeling project underway. With a team like Titus Contracting Inc on your side, we can ward away all the bad omens and replace them with a sparkly facility. This Halloween, take on the opportunity of a commercial remodeling project.

Revamping the Lobby

Can you see your customers shudder a little when they enter your lobby? Then rid your building of it’s of old dingy lobby, and instead take on a remodeling upgrade. Greet customers with a lobby that is to die for! A remodeled lobby can provide a clear sense of flow in your office and create a welcoming environment. Make sure your customers aren’t running away scared.

Updating Waiting Room

Do patients dread spending time in your waiting room? Does it feel more like a morgue than a lively, bustling office? Then, it’s definitely time for an update! Breathe new life into your waiting room with lively colors, updated furniture, a new reception desk and more! The sky is the limit for your remodeling plans.

Modifying Tenant Space

Is the layout of the facility you just bought a horrifying maze with twists and turns? If you need an entire tenant build-out, you’ll want the best team on your side. We can fight useless layouts and provide you with one that will fit your needs. We can work with you to create a design that will be less appalling. We love helping others by being generous with our commercial remodeling advice.

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