Imagine yourself cozied up on your sofa, snuggled under your favorite blanket, sipping a warm coffee on a crisp winter morning. Watching the snowflakes float down all while beside a warm, welcoming fire…

Set the Mood at Any Time with Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are wonderful, budget-friendly interior upgrades that help create an immediate “mood” in any space. Whether your hope is to create a sleek and modern room for entertaining guests, or a traditional and cozy space to relax in, an electric fireplace is a great place to begin.

They also are a wonderful alternative to their traditional counterparts. They don’t require chimney cleaning, maintenance, or hauling wood into the home while still giving you a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Electric fireplaces are minimal cost, don’t pollute the air inside your home, and are cool to the touch.  Looking to implement an electric fireplace in your home? Here are 8 of the best electric fireplaces in 2022.

How It Works

Electric fireplaces create imitation flames by projecting lights onto a screen in a random pattern. Depending on the model, some units have one line of LED lights while others have more to add layers, depth, and aesthetics. Many models make it as simple as pressing a remote.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

While there are many options for heating a space, some fireplaces are simply for aesthetics and creating a mood within your room. There are also freestanding, wall-mounted, and inset options depending on what you already have in your space. They can be installed in traditional “old” fireplaces that are no longer in use or installed in a completely new area. All electric fireplaces can be installed on combustible surfaces. There is no fireproofing necessary. They also don’t need a well-fitting fireproof liner; you simply need to install a fireback to protect the back wall from the heat. While electric fireplaces are wonderful for small spaces, they can also heat up to 1000 square feet with the ability to switch off during warmer months.  Here are some other winter home upgrades that are sure to keep you cozy when the temperature drops. 

Install an Electric Fireplace Today!

Titus designers are here to help guide you in selecting what’s best for your space.  Our designers love assisting with the large and small details of your home.  We understand that an electric fireplace can help make any house feel like home. It not only helps create a welcoming and hospitable environment but ushers in a place where memories can be made.  Reach out to our team today to get started!