Successful restaurants engage all the senses of customers.

The things found in restaurants, like drinks in the bar, seats, and menu give the consumers the excitement of discovery and comfort. But, apart from the food, what truly appeals to people that will make them want to stay is the entire design of the establishment. We can help you as you consider restaurant design psychology.

Psychology plays a big part in a restaurant’s marketing strategy. Every detail, from cuisine to ambiance, is tailored to fit the preferences of the business’s target market. Those seemingly simple details such as the bar, the desk, tables and everything else that the customers see and feel were meticulously designed to appeal to their taste.
restaurant design


Lighting is a vital part of the design of any business establishment. The lights should hit the walls, tables, and the floor the right way, highlighting their best features. Dim lighting, for example, makes the textures of the restaurant pop out. The lights should be properly positioned to create a more relaxed and serene ambiance for a great dining experience.


Like lighting, music also affects diners. According to a study from Cornell University, people consuming meals in places with faster music and brighter lighting ate more food. They also tend to enjoy their dining experience a lot less than those in places that have dimmer lighting and play softer music.

Carpets with underlay and double filling can also absorb sound. If the place is where customers can talk more, they can stay longer, eat more and drink more.

Here at Titus Contracting, we understand that there are many challenges and considerations when it comes to designing or renovating restaurant spaces. Our professional services can improve and remodel any food establishment to find balance in terms of mood lighting, food presentation, and overall customer satisfaction. We make sure all our services are time efficient to lessen downtime and prevent any delays in construction that can affect our clients’ business activities.

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