No one ever seems to have enough kitchen storage, no matter the size of your kitchen. Countertops get cluttered with appliances and gadgets, pots and pans lie in a jumble in a low cabinet that’s hard to access, space is underutilized. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The good news is, it’s easy to transform your kitchen into a chef’s paradise with some clever, concealed storage ideas. Here are a few from the pros at Titus Contracting.

Kick-toe under-cabinet drawers. While many people focus on utilizing space above their cabinets if they don’t already reach the ceiling, few consider this best-kept kitchen storage hack. Install long, shallow drawers under your cabinets, crafting the front to look like your baseboards. Voila! You have secret storage that nobody knows is there. They’re a great place to store recipes, kitchen towels, extra silverware, and things you don’t often use like fondue forks or metal skewers.

Tip-out tray. Do you have a faux drawer panel in front of your sink? Many kitchens do. Not doing you much good, though, is it? The space isn’t deep enough for a standard-sized drawer because of the sink and garbage disposal, but it’s the perfect spot for a tip-out tray. Pop your sponges and scrubbers in there to clear some clutter off your countertop.

Pull-out garbage and recycling bin cabinet. These have been around awhile in newer home construction, but if you’ve never had them in your kitchen, you’re in for a treat. They’re not giving you any extra storage per se, but they’re giving you extra space in your kitchen — no need to find floorspace for your garbage and recycling — and you’re keeping those unsightly bins out of the way. Once you try it, you won’t know how you lived without it. Pro tip: install a small wire basket on the inside of the door just big enough for a box of baking soda.

Pull-out or swing-out cabinet shelves. If you’ve ever had to sit on the floor and nearly crawl inside a low cabinet to fetch the saute pan you want to use for dinner, you’ll understand the glory of pull-out shelves. Not only do they give you easy access to whatever you’re storing, but because it’s all in easy reach, you can actually functionally use the entire cabinet instead of tucking rarely-used items in the back. Ditto for swing-out shelves from corner cabinets. Access is a snap and you can store a whole lot more.

In-drawer knife block. This easy install will transform one of your drawers into a knife block, which not only gets your knives off the kitchen counter where little hands can access them, but it clears the clutter as well.

Pull-out rack for pots and pans (and lids!) You know how chefs in fancy restaurants hang their pots and pans above the stove? This is that, but neatly concealed in a cabinet. A pull-out rack with sturdy hooks is the perfect hiding place for your cookware, and it’s so handy to find your pots and pans with the proper lid all lined up nicely and ready to grab.

With a little TLC, you can increase the efficiency and workability of your kitchen, getting all of that clutter off your countertops in the process. And because these storage ideas are hidden, nobody has to know. Call the specialists at Titus Contracting (952-746-7817) to learn more.