Insights on how to build office place that’s accommodating to the needs and wants of the Millennial generation.

According to JLL Commercial Research, Baby Boomers made up more than half of the U.S. workforce in 2010; by 2020, they will be outnumbered by Millennials. So, if you haven’t already, it is time to think of this age group when building an office for the Millennial or a workplace that’s accommodating to the needs of this new generation.

The Office Environment that Millennials Prefer

By doing so, you can attract the very best candidates in the workforce and ensure you get top talent for your business. After all, since we spend so much of our lives in the office, if a candidate doesn’t see themselves enjoying your office environment, they will likely go elsewhere. At Titus Contracting, we are the trusted commercial contractor for the Plymouth area and are here to provide you with a few design ideas to attract this new generation of workers.

Tips for Owners who are Building an office made for the MillennialTips for Owners who are Building an office made for the Millennial

* Less Desk-Centric

Millennials are ambitious and tech-savvy. They have a different working style than previous generations, so it’s important to hire a commercial contractor who can put together a commercial office design that understands this. For instance, their ease with mobile technology enables many of them to work anytime, anywhere and they can be more productive sitting in a communal space than sitting at a desk. Your blueprints should include an open floor plan with communal spaces to accommodate the employees that may prefer to work somewhere other than their desk.

* Less Stress

Your commercial contractor should set aside a small space in your renovation plans for a quiet, relaxing area. A quiet space to de-stress can help encourage employees to relax and can also encourage creativity. Giving your employees a place to de-stress could also result in fewer sick days, and higher morale.

* Space-Saving

With so many talented people entering the workforce it is important to accommodate more people in less space. Commercial contractors such as ours should design a strategy that accommodates techniques such as desk sharing. Ask us about a commercial build-out when added space is the answer.

* Bright & Uplifting

Your commercial contractor should also incorporate color into their design. Bright and bold colors on the walls can bring energy to the office and to your employees. If you don’t want to paint an entire room a bright color, consider accent walls. Have just one wall painted blue and the other walls painted a more neutral shade or pastel. This is a huge trend in offices right now and can be easily incorporated into your office remodeling plans.

* Add Eat-in Space

Being able to grab something tasty and nutritional for lunches-on-the-go will make daily life easier for your employees. Add an eat-in kitchen space just off your main office – what could be more functional?

Partner with Titus Contracting to Build an Office made for the Millennial

These are just a few ways your commercial contractor can help make your office more millennial-friendly! Are you ready to learn more about our commercial contractor in Plymouth?

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