Dreaming about how beautiful and functional your current kitchen could be with a major upgrade?

If you see your kitchen as the center of your home, you’re far from alone. Thanks in part to the huge range of amenities, appliances and decorative features now available for kitchens, many Americans now consider them the hubs of their family lives. Further, kitchen renovations tend to pay off; Remodeling Magazine noted this year that midrange remodels gain an average ROI of 62% upon resale, while upscale remodels recoup some 60%.

“The kitchen continues to be a major draw for home buyers of all ages,” advises Cicely Wedgeworth on Realtor.com, pointing to a survey in which consumers consistently ranked kitchens the most important spaces in their homes. “There’s a strong desire among buyers for an updated kitchen, so consider investing in upgrades that will pay off. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, consider a less expensive project to give your kitchen a fresh look.”

If you’re making a list of preferred materials for your dream kitchen, you may wish to consider these design trends specialists believe will be most popular leading into 2020.

  • Open floor plans with sleek, minimalist kitchen fixtures. In many cases, appliances and storage will be hidden behind panels of luxurious materials to preserve the flow of the space.
  • Sustainable materials. In cabinetry and flooring, eco-friendly materials such as sustainable bamboo, lyptus, (a eucalyptus hybrid), cellulose fiber, recycled barn wood or composite recycled wood will be the choice of environmentalists.
  • Glass cabinet doors. As part of the Marie Kondo movement, residents are ridding themselves of excess kitchen gear and showcasing simple, curated collections behind glass.
  • Some color instead of monochromatic white. While mostly white kitchens remain classic, many consumers are now combining neutrals with color to lend more visual interest. On Apartmenttherapy.com, Avi Gordon points to the most trending shades as turquoise, avocado or lemon in their layouts. Other desirable colors called out by designers include black and white, dark blue combined with gray and variations of greens and green-blue, including petrol, moss, sage, hunter, chartreuse, olive, pale mint and clover. Popular neutrals include mushroom tones, terracotta and soft beige.
  • Minimalist hardware. Simple, less-obtrusive handles and knobs or cut-out handles are being chosen instead of hardware, with the focus on beautiful cabinetry finishes. Those opting for metal hardware will likely choose brass, brushed nickel, copper or matte black finishes, perhaps custom-forged.
  • Metal textures combined with contrasting colored surfaces. “The fashion of using metal insertions and metallic shine is peaking,” notes Interiorzine, pointing to brass, copper, classic chrome and stainless steel as key accents. “Pieces plucked from old factories and machines give an artistic and industrial vibe.”
  • Countertops of engineered quartz or natural stone. Quiet patterns and colors, especially white, will take precedence. Matte finishes will be especially popular. The quartz or stone will often be paired with those materials in contrasting colors, or with wood or laminate.
  • More efficient appliances. New developments include dishwashers that leave clean dishes drier, refrigerators that keep produce crisper, specialty sinks that wash either dishes or produce and ranges that air-fry food. Black stainless steel will be popular as a finish, and smart home options will continue to ramp up.
  • Statement backsplashes. In many cases they’ll extend to the ceiling, sometimes with shelving along the top for extra display or storage space. Sought-after materials will include stone mixed with metal or wood; subway tiles in interesting shapes and patterns; granite, quartz or stone marked with dramatic veins; and tiles placed in bold geometric patterns.

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