When you’re pondering kitchen renovations in your Savage home, there are many things to consider. As you’re picturing what you want your kitchen to look like, think about the following:


How big is your kitchen? When you’re undergoing kitchen renovations and putting your design ideas down on paper, you want to think about how big of a space you have to work with. Is your kitchen a small and narrow galley kitchen? Or is it a larger room with plenty of space? Or somewhere in between? The size of your kitchen will definitely dictate what you can and can’t do with kitchen renovations.


Do you need new windows for your St Paul historic home or an upgraded kitchen and, if so, what direction is the sun? If you have eastern-facing windows and get direct morning sunlight, that might help you figure out the best place to put any reflective surfaces. Or maybe you eventually want some live plants and flowers to be part of the décor, so you’ll want to buy plants that thrive in morning sunlight.

Location of Kitchen

Where is the kitchen or dining room table in relation to the kitchen? Is it all one room or a separate room? This will also help you figure out where to put what. For example, it’d probably be very convenient to have some new stylish countertops near the doorway of your kitchen if you have a separate eating area that your family uses frequently for meals.


Are you part of a large and busy family that’s always on the go? Or is your family smaller and more low key? Do you entertain often? Ask yourself these questions to get even more of an idea of what kitchen renovations will suit you best. If you entertain frequently, you might want a large island in the center of your kitchen for more food prep areas. Or if you’re a wine drinker, you might want kitchen renovations to include a wine rack.

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