What Homeowners Need to Know Before A Lower-Level RemodelWhat Homeowners Need to Know Before A Lower-Level Remodel

When you are starting to plan your new basement, there are a lot of decisions you will have to make.

Do you wonder what to consider before a lower-level rermodeling project? Titus Contracting specializes in lower level remodeling in the Twin Cities, and we have helped countless homeowners like you with their lower level renovations. We have a few suggestions on what you should consider when planning a lower level remodeling project.

* Plan the Layout

Even if you are not artistically inclined, draw out some plans for your new basement and the features you would like to have included. For example, if you have always wanted a home theater room, sketch out where you visualize the seats will go, as well as where other aspects of the new room will go, like the screen and projector.

* Plan the Purpose

This part of planning your lower level remodeling project goes hand in hand with planning the layout. If you want an entertainment room for your family and friends, and you really want that pool table that you’ve had your eye on for years, you are going to want to include the pool table in your plans. A big item like this requires room so you and your friends have ample space to play in. And you also need to keep in mind that you have to have the space and room to get the pool table into the basement in the first place.

* Plan for Moisture

Many of us associate our basements with damp air. This problem can be mitigated with a good sump pump and dehumidifier. You might need to upgrade these two appliances during the lower level remodeling process, so keep that in mind as you are making plans for where your belongings will go. It’s also something to keep in mind for when you are making your budget.

* Plan for Light

Many lower levels are underground, and this can present a few challenges when it comes to lighting solutions for your new basement. Thankfully, there are many options out there on the market these days including decorative overhead lights, recessed lighting, track lighting and much more. Lighting like these options can help create a space that feels spacious and airy.

* Plan the Budget

You should definitely have a budget in mind for your lower level remodeling project. A remodeling company like Titus Contracting can work with you to make sure your home renovations stay within your budget.

Our home renovation services include lower levels and basements, bathrooms, kitchen, additions and more! Just give us a call to find out more about lower level remodeling and how Titus Contracting can help you get the basement you have always wanted.

We can turn your lower level into a guest suite, entertainment room, wet bar, playroom for your kids, home office or anything else you can think of. And working with us is easy: we are straightforward about our services, our costs and our timeline. We work with you to stay on budget and on schedule to ensure you get the lower level remodeling services you deserve. Plus, we will use as many of your ideas as possible in the design plans for your lower level.

Lower Level Remodeling: Our Process

When you call us to learn more about lower level remodeling, we will schedule an on-site consultation with you. We will come to your home to look at your basement and to talk to you about what you have in mind for the renovations.

We can then come up with a budget, estimate and 3D conceptual design plans. After you approve them, we take care of hiring subcontractors and getting the required work permits.

We will then begin the renovations process. The amount of time your lower level remodeling project will take mostly depends on the scope of the project and what needs to be done. But lower levels are great for remodeling simply because the important structural elements (load-bearing walls and foundation) are already there.

No lower level remodeling project is too big or small for us. So whether you have a smaller basement and you just want to add an extra bedroom or you have a larger basement and you want to add a home theater room and wet bar, we can help! Call us to find out more and we can set up your consultation.

Lower Level Remodeling from Titus Contracting

Are you interested in finding a home renovations company that can help with your lower level remodeling project? If so, you have come to the right place! Titus Contracting is an experienced and professional lower level remodeling company based in the Twin Cities area.

Are you interested in learning more about lower level remodeling in Maple Grove? Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817 or you can contact us and Schedule a Consultation.