When it comes to summer remodeling projects, Twin Cities homeowners pick the jobs that will help their home look its absolute best.

You can greatly increase your property’s resale value while being sustainable and energy-efficient. Many find that summertime is perfect for such projects. So, it’s important to know which remodeling projects will do everything mentioned previously, but won’t cause you to go overboard on your budget.

Ideal Twin Cities Home Remodeling Projects for Summer

Twin Cities Home Remodeling Projects that are ideal for Summer

Kitchen remodeled by Titus Contracting.

Here are some of the home remodeling jobs that can accomplish all these for your Twin Cities home or commercial building:

* Kitchen Remodel

Since the kitchen is where families spend the majority of their time together, it makes sense this room will be one of the prime candidates for a new look. Remodeling your home can give you a great return on your investment, thanks to the look of the kitchen is an essential selling point for many homebuyers.

* Energy-Efficient Windows

Since energy efficiency is on the mind of every homeowner and homebuyer, it’s important your home also be energy efficient. One of the simplest ways to do this is with energy-efficient windows that not only save you greatly on home heating and cooling costs but give your summer workspaces a more open and updated look.

* Deck Addition

Decks are great areas for relaxing and hosting entertainment and are also great for increasing the value and area of any home. With adding or remodeling a deck, you make the home more appealing to visitors and prospective buyers (should you one day decide to sell your home). Adding a deck to your home can give you a 65-90% return on your investment, while also increasing the amount of outdoor living space you have to enjoy.

More Summer Projects that Increase your Home’s Value

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