The Titus Contracting team is proud of the work it does, but nothing makes us feel quite as honored as when we get a testimonial like this one:

I have really appreciated working with Lee, Suzanne and Scott over the past three years. Team Titus has been our key to success! I own 24 rental properties that are mostly in the St Paul area.

I cannot thank the Titus Contracting team enough for basically running with everything, from a city inspection to dealing with the city inspectors to a major rehab at one of my rental homes. They continue to delight me in a business that has been tough to be delighted in.

Titus Contracting has become our most trusted retail remodeling partner in the Twin Cities!

Thank you, Titus!

S. Grausnick

Osprey Properties

Thank you, Mr. Grausnick, for your kind words and allowing us to remodel your investment properties! And check out the images below to see what we’ve done for Osprey Properties!