Summer is a time for relaxation, sunshine and vacations. It is also a time for undertaking large home renovations. Many people after spring cleaning may find themselves inspired to revamp their home in some capacity. At Titus Contracting Inc, we handle a large scope of home renovation projects and we’re ready to help you get started. In this blog, our team of Minneapolis home renovation experts will provide some insight about why summer is the perfect time to remodel.

Project Completion
During the summer, it may feel as though your home renovation project is completed much more quickly than ones you’ve had done during the winter. This feeling is accurate. During the summer, there are more hours of sunlight, which translates into longer work days for our team. Since we get more hours out on the job, we can spend fewer days at each site. This doesn’t mean we spend any less time on any one project, but it means less days physically in your home.

Mild Weather
In Minneapolis, the weather is a lot milder during the summer. Without the threat of snow, sleet or ice, it is possible for us to be more accurate with a time estimate for your project. It also allows us to complete more extensive projects requiring your home to be open or exposed to the elements.

Depending on the scale of your home renovation project, you may prefer to be away from your household during the bulk of the construction. This can be less of a hassle during the summer months. Schedules are typically more flexible, and it can be easier to get away because you can enjoy the outdoors.

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