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If your family is expanding for one reason or another, or if you just need more space, then you might be thinking about either building an addition or purchasing a new home. There are plenty of reasons a home addition is probably your best bet.

Titus Contracting specializes in home additions in Burnsville and the surrounding areas, and here are a few of the most common reasons we hear when people inquire about home additions with us.

Less Stressful

Think about the last time you moved. How stressed out were you? You had to find a new home, go through the process of buying or renting it, pack your belongings, find a moving company or a couple of friends to help you move, unpack… the chores associated with moving are seemingly endless when you’re in the middle of them. But home additions are much easier! While the construction process does take some time, Titus Contracting makes every effort to keep disruptions to you and your family at a minimum. You will not have to worry about packing and unpacking or moving anything when you contact us to learn more about home additions!

Less Expensive

On average, home additions are far less expensive than selling your home, buying a new one and moving. While every project is different, we can work with you to stay in your budget so you are not breaking the bank getting the home additions you want and need. We even work with you directly to make sure all of your needs are met when we design your additions, and we try to include as many of your wants as possible during the design process as well.

More Customizable

Think about other home additions you’ve seen. What would you do differently if you could? Your new home addition is fully customizable, so that means you could have the extra bedroom you’ve always wanted, the new guest suite you’ve always wanted or that neat little craft room you’ve always wanted. Expert designers and builders like us can make the exact home addition you want, and you can use the space for just about anything you want!

So, you’re looking to do a home addition. Then look no further than Titus Contracting Inc! We have a team of Minneapolis home additions experts ready to take on your home remodeling project. If more space is what you need, we can provide. We have been serving Minneapolis and the entire Twin Cities area for many years. We are a full-service remodeling company versed in many home remodeling projects, so call on us for all your remodeling needs.

Home Additions for Minneapolis Residents

If you love the area you live in, there is no need to move just because you need more space. A home addition can keep you in the house and neighborhood to which you are accustomed. You won’t have to be bothered with moving or switching your children’s school district. Minneapolis is a beautiful city, and it would be a shame to leave just for one extra room or story on your home.

Considerations for a Home Addition

If you are looking to do a home addition, you have a lot to think about. To help you get your thoughts organized, our team of Minneapolis home addition experts has created a list for you. This list includes some top considerations for planning a home addition.

We hope we gave you a few good reasons to look more into home additions and how they can help your family get more space without the hassle of moving!

  • Consider what use you want the space to have Do you need an extra bedroom, bathroom or second floor?
  • Your next consideration will be electric, plumbing, etc. We can help you figure out what your home addition will require.
  • Think about what special features you want to include in the room. Will you need extra space for storage?
  • Are there any special requirements or requests you will have for us? Have those requirements prepared.

Do you want to learn more about home additions in Burnsville? Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817 or you can contact us to Schedule a Consultation.