We here at Titus Contracting are happy to announce that we have a new office and warehouse location! Our new space is located at 3268 W. County Road 42 in Burnsville. So now Titus Contracting has two different locations: our new one and the one we have had all along on West 125th Street in Savage. We are so excited to be in this new space! We plan to use it for new offices and to expand our cabinetry department.

So what spurred our move? Well, we just secured a new contract to install 288 kitchens at Springs at Egan Drive in Savage on Louisiana Avenue. There will be about 4,400 cabinets to install, so we definitely need the extra room to get these built! We will assemble these cabinets in our new warehouse and then install them in the apartments. The plan is to use our cabinet expertise to install around 16 kitchens a week at this beautiful new location in Savage. We were honored to be chosen for this project, and we are excited to see the end results.

Take a look at some photos of our new office and warehouse. As you can see, we are already hard at work! We want to be sure the cabinets we install are of the highest quality, and we have plenty of other residential and commercial remodeling projects we are working on.

We are so pleased with this new space. Our hope is that with this new space, we can offer our renovation services to even more residential and commercial customers. It will allow us to tackle even more home and business improvement projects! We would love to grow our business, and this new location gives us the chance to do that.





And as you can also see from these pictures, there is plenty of space in this new office and warehouse. We really cannot wait to see what sort of remodeling projects we tackle in this new space! We are really pleased that we were able to move into this new location, and we really feel that our talents as residential and commercial remodelers will really shine through in this new location.

So when you want more information about residential remodeling or commercial remodeling or our new office and warehouse location, give us a call here at Titus Contracting. We can be reached at 952-746-7817, or you can contact us and Schedule a Consultation.