7 ideas for redesigning your Twin Cities lower level or basement that will transform an outdated space into one that offers more function and the benefits of improving the investment of your home.

These days, many Minnesotans are spending most of their time at home. While we work and play at home, we may come to realize that our space might not meet all our needs. More than ever, our homes need to serve many functions for our entire family. If your space is falling short and causing more stress than it’s alleviating, perhaps it’s time to start planning a remodeling project and give your home new life! There are in fact many hidden benefits to remodeling your basement or lower level home.

What you can gain from a basement remodel:

Improve Usable Space

A lack of usable space is probably one of the more noticeable issues families may run into while they are all at home together. Whether it’s working from home, participating in school from home, or just daily life activities, when everyone is in the same place, it can seem a little chaotic. What can you do to maximize the space in your home?

Lower Level Finishing

Finishing or remodeling an existing lower level is a relatively simple way to add functional living space to your home. If you have an unfinished basement, or perhaps a lower level that you are only using for storage, consider finishing or remodeling to create more useful square footage. There are plenty of fun and practical ways to finish your lower level. Here are some ideas:

Home Office

With many of us working from home these days, we are faced with some of the challenges that telecommuting presents. Without a dedicated workspace, you may find yourself easily distracted by things around the house such as kids, pets, a pile of laundry, or the TV. Even according to remote.co, for optimal success at home you need to create a dedicated workspace.

add-home-office-remodeling-projectCreating a home office space not only increases the value of your home by about 43% according to Nationwide,   but is a great way to shut out distractions, get yourself into “work mode,” and have a productive workday. Your new home office space might include some cabinets and extra shelving for storage and may require additional grounded outlets, data ports, access to high-speed internet along with improved lighting.

All in all, for Minnesotan’s updating the basement from a ho-hum space to a dedicated workspace can be a great investment.

Fitness/Workout Area

Adding an exercise space to your lower level is another great idea. Having a dedicated fitness area can put you in the right mindset to get a great work out in. While the gyms are closed, and outdoor fitness activities are weather-dependent, your lower-level work out space will always be open and ready for you!

Extra Bedroom and Bathroom

Another idea to add to your lower level remodel, would be an additional bedroom and bathroom. This can serve as space for an expanding family, a private living area for an independent family member, or a nice place to host guests. The additional bathroom is a useful addition to avoid having to run upstairs for breaks while you work or play downstairs.

Craft/Hobby Space

As you remodel your lower level, consider dedicating some space for your family’s hobbies or crafts. Many times, our creative pursuits are set aside as supplies are packed away and stored in a closet somewhere, seeming to be too much trouble to dig out and set up. Creating a space for your hobbies can be as simple as some cabinets, shelves, and counter space in a dedicated space in your lower level.

Bar and Entertainment Area

Many people associate finished lower levels with FUN! Titus’ designer, Stephanie Morris, likes to bring back the word “rumpus room” when it comes to lower levels, referring to a room in the home used for games, parties and, recreation. Adding a home theater, pool table, gaming area, or even a bar can turn your basement into the entertainment hub of your home! “When I am designing a basement with a client,” says Morris, “I like to design it so they forget that Monday comes around; they forget to go upstairs and get back to ‘real-life’.”


Your lower level can be transformed into fun, and functional space for your whole family. As Stephanie notes, “most basements have enough room for a bit of everything,” which is great news! You can pretty much have it all with the right design.

If your lower level is not as functional (or fun!) as you would like it to be, and you’re looking to transform that space into something you and your family will love, contact us today at 952-746-7817.