Sometimes we complete a home remodeling project, and then other times we complete a total home remodeling project. During the latter, we will gut the home and incorporate a whole new look and feel. These types of projects are popular in older homes. In this blog, we’re going to cover a Columbus MN home remodeling project, where we completely tore out a kitchen and a bathroom to install new ones.

Total Replacement Home Remodeling Projects

A homeowner may choose to pursue a complete redesign for any number of reasons. When a homeowner wants to completely tear out a number of rooms to remodel, we know they mean business. Some of the most popular reasons to do this type remodel include:

  • The home is old, and not every efficient. The layout may be inefficient, or the homeowner may be making upgrades for energy efficiency.
  • New homeowners move in and have a different vision for the space. What may have been nice when the home was initially constructed may not be ideal for everyone.
  • Previous homeowners may have made have already made some remodeling choices that the new residents don’t prefer.
  • Homeowners may just be ready for a change. An extensive home remodeling project can allow them to stay in the home and neighborhood they love, without sacrificing their dream home.

Columbus MN Bathroom Remodeling

In this particular home remodeling project in Columbus MN, we tore out the bathroom to make way for a new and improved one. New windows and tiling are focal points of this bathroom. Also, new lighting, vanity and shower were installed as well. These homeowners in Columbus MN can enjoy a new modern, upgraded bathroom.

bathroom after

Columbus MN Kitchen Remodeling

It’s amazing how this was kitchen transformed. It’s new, functional layout will provide this Columbus MN homeowner with many happy hours of kitchen time. It’s practical, and stylish. There is plenty of counter space with the new layout. We installed hardwood floors, completing the look of this redesigned kitchen.

kitchen beforekitchen after

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