A new year has us craving change, and our homes are no exception. And after a year with so much time spent at home, you might be looking to mix things up a little.

Keep reading for our predictions for home remodeling trends you can expect to see in 2021.

Around this time each year, industry experts weigh in on new design and decor trends we can expect to see in the months ahead.

But rather than focus on trends that are merely decorative, we want to focus on home designs that actually improve the way you live in your home. Because according to Steph Morris, head interior designer at Titus Contracting in Burnsville, MN, good design needs to be centered around function, form, and feeling.

These 3 words are the guideposts for each design Steph creates. You can find her detailed exploration of these 3 elements here, but here’s a quick overview of each:

  • Function refers to the bones of a space. The layout, dimensions, and features you can see on a blueprint.
  • Form is the top layer. The shape, color, texture, and more.
  • Feeling is energy a space has. Comforting, moody, bright, or luxurious — together, the form and function elements of your home create its feeling.

So today, we’re breaking down 2021 remodeling trends into these three categories.

First, home remodeling ideas to improve your home’s function in 2021

Floorplans — less open concept, more quiet spaces

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One of the biggest elements of a home’s function is the floorplan, and we expect to see some shifts in floorplan trends this year.

Our homes are filling a lot of roles right now — more than ever before. And you might be noticing your home wasn’t set up for this everything-happens-at-home-year. Open-concept floorplans that were great for entertaining are now noisy, cluttered, and distracting for families trying to work and learn at home.

At Titus, we’ve been helping families create home offices or quiet study spaces for kids, and we expect to see that remodeling trend continue in 2021. Sometimes this means a lower level renovation, and other times it requires creative design solutions to close off an unused formal dining room.

Kitchens — more smart storage

Another big shift in 2021 home trends will happen in the kitchen. We’re cooking and eating at home more than before. People are also avoiding extra trips to the grocery store by buying in bulk, which means there’s simply not enough storage space for all the added groceries.

That’s why we expect to see cabinet and pantry upgrades this year. And homeowners want smart storage — drawer pullouts and built-in outlets for small appliances.

Another kitchen trend we expect to see more of in 2021 is more integrated seating in the kitchen island. Instead of a kitchen table, homeowners are eager to expand their island to maximize storage and counter space while still providing a casual spot for family dinners at home.

Lastly, though it’s a small upgrade, touchless faucets continue to gain popularity. And no wonder, in a year filled with increased hand-washing guidelines. Even long-term, a hands-free faucet will make germ-free cleanup a breeze.

Maximizing livable space with a porch addition

To increase living space, many homeowners are opting to add on a screened porch. This gives an insect-free spot to enjoy in the summer months, or if you opt for Sunspace windows, on colder days, too.


Form: Design trends for 2021

Arches and curves

Soft edges continue to trend in 2021. Arched doorways and entrances continue to show up on Instagram and Pinterest. From front doors and hallways — even shower enclosures — these curves add architectural interest and character at home.

Patterned flooring

From weathered herringbone wood floors to checkerboard tile installations, flooring is getting some old-world charm. We expect to see a return to more natural, weathered finishes and patterned installations for added texture and visual interest.

Slab backsplashes and shower walls

If you like clean lines with a bit of luxury, this next design trend is for you. We’re seeing more solid slab backsplashes, which means a single piece of stone instead of smaller cut tiles. This look adds a touch of glamour to any space, and the lack of grout lines can make a small space feel bigger.

Whether you want bright and fresh white marble or rich, moody stone with dramatic veining, this is a trend that can fit in any design style.

Laminate smooth facing cabinets

Kitchen trends for 2021 also include colored cabinetry and modern, slab-style doors. And while painted wood cabinets is certainly an option, it’s not always the most durable for families and pet owners.

Instead, many homeowners are opting for scratch-resistant laminate. It’s available in a range of color options (or a convincing woodgrain) and the smooth door style creates clean modern lines.

Feeling: 2021 trends to create comfort at home

Soft lines and cozy fabrics

After a trying year, it’s no wonder we’re all gravitating toward comfort and coziness in 2021. Curved sofas and chairs provide the perfect spots to snuggle up. The fluffy loops of boucle upholstery fabric are having a huge moment right now (and we expect to see more of these snuggly arm chairs and sofas in 2021).

Thoughtful lighting

Lighting is the jewelry of your space, so use it to make a statement and create the right ambiance. Under cabinet lights and countertop lamps in the kitchen help create a space that’s functional and intimate.

Steam showers

Nothing says comfort in a Minnesota winter quite like a luxurious steam shower. These have been gaining popularity for awhile now and we expect to see the trend continue to…gain steam. (See what we did there.

Creating your ideal home in 2021

Trends or not, we think this year deserves a little extra comfort, ease, and connection. Homes with intimate seating areas for conversation, functional kitchen for memorable meals together, and spaces that truly make you feel at home.

If you’re considering a Twin Cities home remodel in 2021, our team of design-build experts at Titus continue to practice Covid safety guidelines and are equipped to move forward with your project. Contact us today 952-746-7817 for a free online video consultation.