Minnesota winter months are an ideal time for interior home remodeling projects.

Winter is officially here and, the new year is just around the corner. As the cold sets in and you begin preparing for a few months of keeping cozy indoors, why not set your sights on a new design for your home’s interior? Give you and your family a new view with remodeling from Titus Contracting. Chose one of these ideal home remodeling ideas for winter!

We are trusted remodeling contractors for St. Paul and the Twin Cities metro area. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the best remodeling projects to tackle during the colder months, and why winter is an ideal time of year for interior remodeling.

4 Winter Interior Remodeling Project Ideas4 Winter Interior Remodeling Project Ideas

1. Finish the Basement for a Winter Home Oasis

Remodeling your lower level adds function and value to your home. Our remodeling contractors can build you the basement you’ve always dreamed of! If your home has a basement that is being used only as a storage area, why not turn it into a great place to hang out? The possibilities for transforming your unfinished lower level space into usable square footage are endless!

Titus Contracting has built beautiful basement home theaters for our clients to enjoy the ultimate movie nights. If you have children, perhaps a playroom or study space would be a welcome addition. You can also create a quiet space to relax in by adding a reading nook, office space, or maybe a craft room. Adding an additional bedroom, bathroom, or guest suite is one of the most popular ways people are deciding to finish their lower levels. Many times, this will include a wet bar or kitchen area as well.

2. Keep your House Cozy-Warm in a New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a popular place to gather. This is especially true during the holidays, and perhaps this season you found yourself needing more space or function in your kitchen. Titus Contracting can work with you to design the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

New cabinets, flooring, and countertops can easily update your space. Additional seating can be added as part of an island, or a built-in banquette eating area. As you are remodeling your kitchen, you can include more energy-efficient features such as LED lighting and energy efficient appliances.

It’s also a great time to include features you have always dreamed of having in your kitchen, for example; a pot-filler, wine fridge, or an island prep sink. Explore our kitchen gallery to get more inspiring ideas for your kitchen remodel!

3. Remodel the Bathroom

Another great interior remodeling project to consider this winter is a bathroom remodel. Have you always wanted a relaxing, spa-like getaway in your home? Maybe you want to replace that old jacuzzi tub with a sleek, modern soaking tub.

Replacing your old vanity cabinets can update the look and feel of your bathroom; provide you with the storage you’ve always wanted. New countertops, fixtures, and hardware can also help create a fresh and elegant feel. You may also want to consider adding in-floor heat to your bathroom remodel, and gift yourself with the luxury of warm feet instead of cold tile! Whatever your dream is for your bathroom, the professionals at Titus Contracting can help.

4. Whole House Interior Renovation

If there are too many rooms on your remodeling wish-list, another option is dive right into a whole house remodel. It may seem intimidating, but our team has plenty of experience guiding homeowners through the process of a whole house remodel.

Remodeling your entire home can actually save you money in the long run if you are planning to remodel multiple rooms. This is the case because contractors can come in at one time and work on multiple areas of the house, taking away the need for them to make multiple trips. It also eliminates the “extras” associated with a construction project, such as multiple dumpsters, portable bathrooms, and cleanings.

It can also eliminate the need to open up a recently remodeled wall to add something for the next remodel. Finally, another great benefit of a whole house interior remodel is that it can allow you to have a cohesive design aesthetic throughout your entire home. While it may be a big undertaking, if you are interested in a whole house interior to remodel, the professionals at Titus Contracting can help you through every step of the way.

Additional Ways to Make the Most of a Winter Remodeling Project

Your winter home improvements can include many wonderful upgrades that can do more than just improve your home’s aesthetic.

* Insulation, Windows, and Doors: Some winter upgrades can potentially help save on your utility bills; such as new insulation, windows, and doors can keep your heat in and your energy costs lower. Also, in addition to energy efficient appliances and LED lighting, adding a programmable thermostat and other smart home features can help reduce your future energy costs as well.

* Repainting your Home’s Interior: It can be surprising how much the small details of your remodeling project add up to big updates! Repainting a room can almost instantly modernize a space. Adding new flooring or tile can have an impressive effect as well. You can also update your windows or add a skylight to fill your home with natural light, which as we all know is especially coveted in the winter!

* Adding Radiant Floor Heat for Winter Warmth: Some homeowners in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro want to add value, warmth, and comfort to their home with radiant floor heating systems. Modern in-floor heating is cost-efficient and can be installed as part of a home remodel. Several metro Realtors find that heated bathroom floors are often a selling point for homeowners – especially if the buyer is new to our northern winters.

Q. Why is Winter an Ideal Time to Remodel?

A. There are several great reasons to consider starting your home remodeling project in the winter.

  • After the holidays are over and winter has set in, many contractors and subcontractors have lighter schedules.
  • This can mean more competitive bids and pricing for you and your winter remodeling project.
  • Additionally, with a lighter project load, it’s easier for schedules to be maintained and your project is even more likely to stay on track.

Post-holiday season, winter tends to be a less chaotic time of year for many people. This makes it a great time to get in that remodeling project before life picks up again in the spring. You can start your new year off with a fresh new home remodel and be ready to entertain and enjoy it come spring.

If you have been dreaming of updating your home and looking for tips on creating perfect interior living spaces, consider now as a great time to start! Whether you decide to finish your lower level, remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or even take on an entire home interior remodel; Titus Contracting can help!

Make the Winter Season a Lovely Time to be at Home

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