If you’re a Midwesterner considering a home remodel next year, you’re part of a nationwide trend.

Analysts say many U.S. consumers are opting to remain in and improve their current homes rather than shopping the limited inventory in this sellers’ market. Factors in that renovation trend include the aging of America’s home stock and the near-doubling of homeowner equity over the past five years, making homeowners feel richer and more inclined toward home improvements.

As a result, sales in the home improvement arena have been growing at nearly double the rate of retail sales in general. Happily, home renovations can be excellent investments as long as they’re chosen strategically and completed using quality materials.

So what are some prevalent projects we can expect to see among Midwestern homes next year?

Kicking off the new decade: 20 top home improvement suggestions for 2020

  1. One-slab kitchen backsplashes: These sleek one-piece surfaces are easy to clean for greater efficiency, and can be subtle or dramatic depending on your tastes.
  2. Garage remodels: Budget-conscious millennials are re-purposing garages as living spaces and/or creating apartments they can rent out toward mortgages.
  3. Colorful kitchens: In response to the all-white or all-gray kitchens of the last few years, some homeowners are installing colorful tiles, countertops, appliances and/or stove hood — often in isolated pops of color.
  4. Custom cabinetry: In a nod to the minimalist movement, more kitchen and bathroom cupboards are being apportioned to accommodate specific homeowner belongings, with very simple hardware and sustainable materials among related trends.
  5. Wellness design: Environmental awareness is resulting in elements like non-toxic paint, flooring and cabinetry; germ-reducing touchless faucets and bidet-style toilets; sleep-improving circadian lighting and sleep, water and air purification systems.
  6. Warm wood finishes: Many homeowners are turning back to warm-colored wood as an alternative to previously popular painted finishes in cool gray or white.
  7. Open shelving to show off vintage kitchen décorThis has long been a popular look for dinnerware and glassware; now homeowners are using the same concept to display antique copper or cast-iron pots, teakettles and other pieces with a vintage patina.
  8. Custom-decorated ceilings: Homeowners are taking advantage of this often-forgotten area to add drama via paint, wallpaper or wood paneling.
  9. Mix-and-match metals: Instead of being matchy-matchy in any given room, people are choosing different finishes for hardware, light fixtures, faucets, appliances, etc.
  10. Hidden kitchen appliances: A popular option for 2020 will be appliances fronted by panels that match or complement kitchen cabinets.
  11. Quartz countertopsQuartz can offer all the beauty of natural marble, but it’s lower-maintenance, more stain-resistant and more affordable.
  12. Wallpaper: Thanks to the ease of peel-and-stick versions, homeowners are trying fun, trendy papers in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
  13. Larders: These custom cupboards take up less space than walk-in pantries and are specifically designed to optimize storage space for extra dry goods.
  14. Traditional dining rooms made nontraditional: Instead of formal dining sets, homeowners are outfitting them with more functional furniture for more efficient use of space.
  15. Reclaimed wood: Eco-friendly rough-hewn varieties will be popular in kitchens cabinets, flooring, siding and elsewhere.
  16. Layering of old and new materials: Vintage and up-to-the-minute finishes, styles and designs will be mixed to create visual interest.
  17. High-contrast black and white color schemes: The look is dramatic and timeless whether added to flooring or a half-bath.
  18. Handmade tiles: In comparison with the subway tiles that have been so popular in the past, these add visual interest and authenticity to bathrooms, backsplashes, etc.
  19. Dual-purpose office spaces: Some homeowners are reclaiming wasted space in their home offices and repurposing it as guest or storage space.
  20. Japanese-influenced design: This may be represented in angular furnishings and patterns, or designs inspired by kimonos or obi bands.

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