Craving a little more luxury in your life? Update your master bath and create the relaxing escape you need right now. From inspiration to execution, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

1. Gather Inspiration

Pinterest. Instagram. Home and décor magazines. An episode of your favorite home makeover show. All of these can provide amazing inspiration as you plan your master bath remodel. Look for finished spaces that speak to you. Imagine waking up each morning to these dream spaces and pay attention to how each one feels. Ask yourself how the layout might work, or what changes you could make to better suit your own morning routine. 

Your master bathroom is particularly important because it’s where you begin and end your day.  You want to get ready each morning in a space that sets a good tone and starts your day off right. It’s also one of the last spaces you see before going to sleep each night. This space matters. So find a few stunning master baths that you’d love to spend some time in and save them for reference.

As you collect inspiration images, take note of common threads and themes. Do they all feature subway tile? Is there a common color scheme or metal finish you seem to gravitate towards? Do you find yourself more inspired by minimalist spa bathrooms, opulent jewel tones, or traditional fixtures and finishes? Jot down common themes you notice and let them guide you as you plan a bathroom renovation.

2. Get Clear on Your Master Bath Goals

You want a space that’s beautiful, but a bathroom also needs to perform many functions in a relatively small footprint. That’s why it’s important to think critically about your daily needs and routines as you plan a master bathroom remodel, and not just daydream about finishes. 

Falling in love with the idea of a vintage clawfoot tub centered under the window? No doubt that’s a visual stunner. But if no one in your home is actually a bath person, ask yourself if that money and real estate could be put to better use. 

Maybe a streamlined, minimalist spa bathroom caught your eye. Keep in mind that hotel bathrooms have minimal storage space compared to the one you use every day. Be honest about what you need to function efficiently in your bathroom. It’s crucial to consider both the form and the function of any space. This is even more true for something as utilitarian as a master bath.

So, are you most concerned with:

Creating more space?
Cosmetic upgrades?
Bang for your buck?

As you sift through your inspiration photos, make a list of the features you really need from your updated master bathroom.

3. Set a Budget

While the inspiration stage can be thrilling, the budgeting stage is typically less-so. No one wants to talk about money, especially when budgetary constraints feel like the bad guy standing between you and your dream spa bath. 

But, setting a budget doesn’t need to be discouraging. There are infinite ways to design a luxurious master bathroom without breaking the bank. And with so many retailers and online shops at your fingertips, you’re sure to find decorative elements that suit your style and budget. So get clear about what you’re comfortable investing your remodel, and let that number guide your planning for layout, fixtures, and finishes.

4. Design the Layout

It’s a relatively small space, but there’s a lot to consider! From electrical to plumbing to lighting, not to mention storage, surface materials, and layout, there are a lot of details that go into a master bathroom. If your master bath is functional but outdated, your remodel might be successful with aesthetic upgrades to the original floorplan. But if the current layout just isn’t functioning for you, a bigger bathroom renovation is probably necessary. 

Either way, working with a designer here can save some serious headaches since a design pro can shed light on opportunities and potential trouble spots you might not have considered.

5. Select Your Finishes

Now for the really fun part! When you remodel your master bathroom, you get to choose everything from paint colors to tile, faucets to cabinet hardware, lighting to towel bars. For some, this is exhilarating! For others, the options quickly become overwhelming.

Luckily, there are expert designers to help you sift through the possibilities and hone in on your dream bathroom. And, good news — a luxurious bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. A good mix of high end and budget-friendly materials can create a cohesive space with major personality.

For example, if you fall in love with a stunning tile that feels out of reach for your budget, brainstorm how you might be able to use it thoughtfully in a small area. Maybe as a feature wall above the vanity or within a niche in the shower wall. Similarly, go ahead and splurge on the dreamy faucet but search for inexpensive cabinet hardware and towel bars to offset the cost.

6. Don’t Forget Extra Features

Like hotel rooms, when it comes to luxury master bathrooms, it’s all about the amenities! In the middle of a cold Minnesota winter, radiant floor heating gives your feet a warm welcome. Plus, it’s probably not as expensive as you think! You can take the cozy factor one step further with a heated towel rack. And speaking of towels, spend a little cash here and invest in some super soft bath linens. They get daily use and are definitely worth the splurge.

Other features like steam or waterfall showers add some serious luxury to your daily routine. Got a little wiggle room in the budget? Consider linking your sound system to the master bathroom for soothing spa music (or some backup singers to your shower karaoke). When it comes to designing a luxurious master bathroom, there’s no limit to what you and your designer can create with a little imagination.

7. Bring in the Pros

Once you’ve selected all your favorite features and finishes, it takes professional contractors to bring your vision to life. Installations, plumbing, and electrical work all require precision, and tiny missteps can result in big issues. Plus, nothing ruins a luxurious soak in that stunning new tub like staring at a wall tile that’s not quite aligned.

Get peace of mind and leave your luxury master bath remodel up to our installation experts. Contact our team to start planning your luxury bath renovation today. 952-746-7817