While we may spend more time in other areas of your home, it’s indisputable that our front entries usually make the first impression.

Entry rooms also serve as a buffer between our families and incoming strangers, providing a layer of safety against the outside world that makes us associate them with comfort. That’s why it’s worth spending extra time and attention to design a foyer that’s beautiful, warm and welcoming.

A recent poll of entryway styles in the U.S. identified that the five most popular are traditional (30%), contemporary (21%), Mediterranean, transitional (12%) and craftsman (4%). The most popular wall colors are beige, white and gray, and the most used floor materials are hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain and concrete. But that doesn’t mean you need to follow the mainstream when choosing materials for your foyer.

How to customize your front entrance

Here are some suggestions for creating an entry that’s light, bright and hospitable to all who enter.

Settle on a style

A small entry is probably not the place to try to combine a lot of eclectic elements. The room will look more cohesive if you decide on one identifiable style and choose shapes, colors and textures from there.

Choose an upbeat color

Because foyers can be somewhat divided from the rest of your house, you may be able to paint or wallpaper yours in whatever hue or print makes you happy. Of course, everyone has a different opinion of what that hue is. Note that lighter, softer colors tend to create a feeling of spaciousness; sometimes a painted ceiling has the same effect. Since entries are subject to fingerprints, you’ll probably want paint with a little gloss to it.

Incorporate extra windows for natural light

Your door itself may include decorative windows, or you may wish to shop around among the huge selection of other options that can be positioned above or around your doorway. What shapes, styles and mullions suit your taste? You should also look at which styles best complement the rest of your home, factoring in symmetry, privacy needs, environmental effectiveness and whether they should open to allow airflow.

Install supplementary lighting

You’ll want to have a beacon of welcome ready for cloudy days and nights, and with the huge range of lighting styles available, your choice could blend in or serve as a real design statement.

Choose beautiful but durable flooring

Hardwood floors could get warped as water is dragged in, but porcelain, tile, and vinyl are all excellent choices. You can always add color and/or texture with throw rugs or area rugs in compelling designs.

Include convenient seating

Copious people will be dealing with footwear in your foyer. Make that a no-brainer by building in or adding a sturdy-but-attractive solution. Adding a console adds even more functionality by giving those entering a place to lay their purses, keys, umbrellas, hostess gifts, etc. In general, note that white furnishings look great with blacks and blues and dark wood finishes set off bright hues like pinks and oranges.

Be strategic with storage

Maybe you’re at the stage of life when all you need is a modest coat closet, or perhaps your kids need deep, built-in cubbies to accommodate all their gear. Plan accordingly.

Consider eye-catching artwork

An entry can be the perfect place to install a dramatic clock, mirror, fountain or piece of art that reflects your personality and/or makes a statement to visitors.

Design a gallery wall

A well-designed arrangement of framed family photos can introduce guests to the occupants of your home and give them something to talk about as they’re coming and going. Black and white shots can have even more dramatic impact.

Unsure about which design elements to select for your new foyer? Consult with the specialists at Titus Contracting by calling 952-746-7817. We can help you create a stunning entryway that will shine bright and clear through every season in Minnesota.